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Tunneling the A303 under Stonehenge to protect its future

Proposed Tunnel at Stonehenge: Highways England Promises to Protect the Historic Site

Last September, it was announced by Highways England that it would proceed with its plans to bring the A303, a busy and important road network, underground at the historic site of Stonehenge, although the group said that it will take this new underground portion of the A303 around 50 metres further away from the site itself. 

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A new passport for workers set to improve health and safety on site

New ‘Passport System’ for Workers’ Health and Safety Launched by Highways England

As of the 10th of November, Highways England was responsible for launching a ‘Passport System’ for workers on site under a Health and Safety initiative. The new system requires workers to hold a smart card, which is fully personalised with their details, which can then be scanned before a worker is able to enter a work site in order to ensure the worker’s qualification, fitness, and competency.

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Road fatalities are on the increase. Campaigners call for safer roads

Concerned Campaigners Call for More Measures with the Rise of Road Fatalities in 2017

Both concerned campaigners and motorist groups have called for more stringent measures on road use and safety after it was found that fatalities on British roads have risen by as much as 4% in the last year, which is the highest level of road fatalities in the past 6 years. 

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Improvements to East Sussex's A27 are due shortly, falling short of dualling

Highways England to Move Forward with Small but Significant Works for the A27

Highways England recently announced that it plans to move forward with certain small but important upgrades along East Sussex’s A27, but it additionally states that the route can still be made into a dual carriageway later on.

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What happens to the motorists when motorways are unexpectedly closed?

Recent Drastic Closures of M1 and M3 Motorways Prompt Transport Group to Call for Reviews

Transport Focus, a watchdog for the UK’s transport system, has called for urgent reviews of the system regarding informing drivers and looking after them after suspected terror episodes or incidents recently closed down two major motorways, the M1 and the M3. 

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Installing the first test crash cushion on the M8

‘Crash Cushion’ Temporarily Installed in Scotland Undergoes Testing

The very first so-called ‘crash cushion’ which was installed in Scotland on a temporary basis has already gone through a test on a project to develop a new junction along Scotland’s M8. 

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Using motorbikes to reach stranded motorists on the M5

Highways England Makes Use of ‘Fuel Motorbikes’ to Handle Breakdowns along M5 Project

For the very first time, Highways England has begun making use of motorbikes which carry fuel to assist motorists and deal with breakdowns on an important road project along the M5’s Oldbury section.  These motorbikes, aptly dubbed ‘rapid assistance motorbikes’, are designed to carry fuel – and they are then deployed to motorists in order to ease traffic and congestion along the road project on the M5, also called the Oldbury project. Perhaps the reason for the deployment of these motorbikes is the fact that in August, about 17 incidents involving lack of fuel were reported in the area. 

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The smart motorway scheme promised by Highways England for both the M60 and the M62 has been delayed

Delay in the Completion of M60 and M62 Smart Motorway Confirmed by Highways England

The smart motorway scheme promised by Highways England for both the M60 and the M62 has been delayed, as recently confirmed by Highways England. The smart motorway section on the major road networks, which has a budget of £208 million, will not be open until the summer of 2018. In a previous statement, Highways England said that the scheme will be finished by the autumn of 2017.

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Incentives to reduce the time utility roadworks take

Department for Transport Announces Proposal for Charges for Lane Rental on Road Works

There has been a recent proposal from the Department for Transport to introduce and launch a rental charge for lanes on an hourly basis for various road projects and road works. Many councils as well as motor groups have expressed enthusiasm for the proposal, although they have also stated that the proposal should not affect the quality of road repairs. 

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A-one+ and LMS Highways, find a way to create substantial savings and a more innovative and efficient way of working

Efficient and Organised Coordination between A-one+ and LMS Highways Bring Substantial Savings

In the road construction industry, contractors and sub-contractors often work closely together to bring about seamless solutions to major and minor road projects. A singular case in point is the collaboration between A-one+ and LMS Highways, which has resulted in substantial savings and a more innovative and efficient way of working.

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Celebrating at last years Highway Awards

Shortlist for October’s Highways Awards Announced, with Winners to be Revealed at the Lancaster London

Everyone involved in the road construction industry knows about the Highways Awards, although it was formerly referred to – and some may still know it - as the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards. This year’s Highways Awards is scheduled for the 18th of October, a Wednesday, and there will be a much-anticipated gala evening event in Lancaster London, which will be hosted by presenter Julia Bradbury (known for the TV travelogues Best Walks with a View and Britain’s Best Walks).

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Local Road funds

Government Promises ‘Next Steps’ in Latter Part of 2017 for Road Improvement Schemes

  Government ministers have recently made a promise to take the ‘next steps’ in regards to a total of 55 road improvement schemes within the latter part of the year. These 55 road improvement programmes and schemes are all part of the existing RIS, or Road Investment Strategy, which comes to a total worth of £6.1 billion.   Along with the pledge of ‘next steps,’ the government has also stated that it will be proclaiming the winners of the highways maintenance challenge fund for 2017 and 2018, and this fund is also worth a total of £75 million to local councils and authorities.    

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Making the hairpin bend safer on the A9 in Scotland

Process for Bidding Now Open for the Improvement of the A9’s Famous Hairpin Bend in Scotland

Most – if not all - major road improvements are done for the overall safety and convenience of drivers and motorists, and the road improvement and scheme proposed for the hairpin bend along the A9 in Scotland is certainly no exception. As of the 31st August, it was announced that the process of bidding for improvements to the Berriedale Braes along the A9 has begun. 

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Contract Agreement

Skanska Signs New Contract for Highways Maintenance with Cambridgeshire Lasting Over 10 Years

In other, noteworthy news, established contractor Skanska has been able to secure a new contract and agreement with the Cambridgeshire County Council for highways repair and maintenance, and the new contract is supposed to be in effect for the next ten or so years.   According to Skanska, the contract with the Cambridgeshire council, which is reportedly worth almost half a million GBP, runs until the year 2027. Skanska said that the agreement is worth £32 million per year, and it also comes with an extension option, which means that the contract could run until 2032. If the contract is extended until 2032, Skanska could benefit from the contract by as much as £480 million.  

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Portion of the

Smart Motorway Now Open – but Without Smart Technology

In the first week of July, Highways England announced that the new smart motorway on the M3 is already open for use – but this announcement comes with the news that the smart motorway is still not equipped with the expected smart motorway technology.   Although the smart motorway has opened right on schedule, road users of this portion of the M3 will still not be able to benefit from the smart technology that was promised, according to Highways England.    

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