3M Awarded a Project for Road Worker Safety at North Tyneside

The popular company 3M has recently been given responsibility for a project, under Highways England, for improving the safety of workers and drivers on the road, specifically along the coast road junction of the A19 and A1058 along North Tyneside.

3M improving road safety for workers and drivers during the coast road junction of the A19 and A1058 works, along North Tyneside

3M improving road safety for workers and drivers during the coast road junction of the A19 and A1058 works, along North Tyneside

Using the 3M company’s TASCAR, or Temporary Automatic Speed Camera at Roadworks system, road users’ and workers’ safety in the area will significantly be enhanced.


Congestion along the A19 and A1058 to be addressed

The main reason why Highways England commissioned this project comes from the fact that the A19 and A1058 junction currently suffers from extreme road congestion, especially at peak hours. Additionally, the junction has been known to have a high rate of accidents – as much as 50 percent more than the average rate of accidents nationwide.

Amongst the various improvements scheduled for the junction is the lowering of the A19 so it will be located underneath the current roundabout and the construction of a bridge replacement as additional support for the coast road on the A1058 junction.

Since these planned road works can present a danger to road users and workers due to narrower lanes, workers having to be in proximity to traffic that is fast-moving, and contraflows, the use of 3M’s technology, especially when it comes to a total of 26 ‘Average-speed’ cameras, is of great help. With 3M’s safety system, motorist speeds can be reduced along the area and congestion can be lessened as well.


The system from 3M

With 3M’s system, some of the major hazards related to speed cameras (such as drivers suddenly and harshly braking) can be all but eliminated. Thanks to the proper signage, road users and drivers will know in advance that they are near a zone which enforces average speed, so they can adjust their driving speed as well as make the traffic flow much smoother.

Since the 3M cameras can run through the use of wireless technology, the electronic components required for the cameras to operate are found in only one unit. 3M has also collaborated closely with the WJ Group, a leader in road marking, for the successful completion of the project.

3M’s global technical manager, Dr. Benjamin Watson, confirms that 3M understands the importance of obligating motorists to follow the speed limits enforced in temporary construction and road works zones, not just for their safety, but also for the safety of the road workers. Dr. Watson adds that the speed cameras from 3M serve as important tools which have a crucial role in achieving the objective of road worker and driver safety. The company, he adds, along with the WJ Group, are looking forward to providing all those involved in the project with a successful and effective camera system for everyone’s safety.

Posted on 12 Dec 2016 in News

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