500 Street Lights to be Installed along the A465 Route in the Next Two Years

As most of those in the highways and road construction industry already know, the A465 is currently undergoing some major road improvements, particularly in the area of the Heads of the Valleys road, located in South Wales. But along with these road network improvements and refurbishments, a street light upgrade is also scheduled for the stretch of road, with SSE Enterprise being awarded the contract to furnish and install a total of 500 street lights on the route.

Road upgrades on the A465 around the Heads of the Valleys area to include 500 new street lights

Road upgrades on the A465 around the Heads of the Valleys area to include 500 new street lights

The road upgrades on the A465, particularly on the Heads of the Valleys area, consist of a conversion totaling 8 kilometres from the junction of Glanbaiden at Gilwern to the roundabout of Brynmawr. The road is set to be upgraded by the formation and creation of two additional lanes for each side. 


Lighting upgrades for the A465 

But along with the above-mentioned road upgrades, a significant lighting upgrade is scheduled to be done by the lighting team of SSE Enterprise. The firm was awarded the contract to refurbish the street lights as well as signage along the road’s 8-kilometre stretch. 

The scheme is funded both by the Welsh Assembly and the European Union, and it will furnish this area along the A465 with a total of 500 street lights (which will be consisted of LED lanterns, which are more energy-efficient and longer-lasting as well). The Welsh light services team of SSE Enterprise is scheduled to outfit the area with the new street lights over a period of two years. 

Chris Wallis, SSE Enterprise’s lighting delivery manager, has said that the firm is very happy and proud to be working on such an important and significant project and scheme in the area. He added that the road works alone will make a vast improvement on job access, services, as well as markets in the region and will result in regeneration for the Heads of the Valleys.


The awarding of the lighting contract 

Mr. Wallis further stated that SSE Enterprise was chosen for the lighting upgrade project primarily due to its excellent safety record in previous projects related to light upgrades and other schemes. With SSE Enterprise’s experience and knowledge in the industry along with its countrywide personnel coverage, the firm, Mr. Wallis added, is in a good position to make sure the project is finished and delivered according to the highest standards. 

It is also worth noting that the lighting project as well as the road upgrades is part of a broader scheme of the government to transform the entire A465, from the area of Abergavenny to the area of Neath, to a fully-functional dual carriageway by the year 2020. 

Posted on 27 Feb 2017 in News

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