A-one+ Celebrates Safety Landmark in Area 12

The Highways Agency is known to rely on a number of service providers when it comes to various road and highway projects, but it can be said that service provider A-one+ is one of the most prominent.

Celebrating an amazing safety record achievement

Celebrating an amazing safety record achievement

A-one+ has a lot to be happy about indeed, none the least of which is its attainment of a safety landmark after it worked on Area 12, one of the busiest and largest road networks in the United Kingdom, for a record 2 million hours.


A notable safety landmark is attained

What makes this 2 million-hour project even more amazing is the fact that in all this time, A-one+ was able to work without reporting any single injury, dangerous occurrence, or disease, hence its achievement of a remarkable safety landmark.

A-one+ is noted for being a joint venture amongst three companies, namely Costain, CH2MHill, and Colas, and it has been a service provider for a total of 3 agent contracts for the Highways Agency in different areas in England, which includes Area 12 between Humberside and Yorkshire.


The main tasks of A-one+ in Area 12

The work in Area 12 undertaken by A-one+ involved about four hundred workers and staff as well as more than 100 suppliers from a vast supply chain. Area 12 is comprised of 494 kilometres of trunk roads and motorways and more than 1,400 buildings and other structures. So achieving a safety landmark in this network is indeed a feat for A-one+. Incidentally, A-one+ was responsible for a considerable number of activities in the area, which included maintenance programmes and schemes for various structures and roads, schemes for improvement, routine and ongoing maintenance, incident response, and services for severe weather disturbances.

At the end of June last year, A-one+ celebrated this great safety landmark achievement, which actually goes above and beyond the number of 1.5 million hours (attained in January of 2014) that also had the distinction of being RIDDOR-free for a total of 430 days.


Plenty of reasons to celebrate

Unlike A-one+, no other company has been able to attain a 2 million-hour safety landmark – as a matter of fact, the most other companies have achieved is one million. A-one+’s managing director, Andy Jamieson, has been quick to point out that they have only been able to achieve this through correct engagement coupled with the proper culture of having everyone directly involved in the immense project, which also includes the remarkable number of suppliers and the commitment and dedication of the Highways Agency itself.

Another reason given by A-one+ for their safety landmark is the fact that they have been able to implement a number of initiatives for the safety of road workers, such as the development of an award-winning, distinctive Intellicone system, the installation of CCTV cameras on various vehicles used for road traffic management, the implementation of taper positions which are fixed in order to avoid crossings by road workers, and detailed analysis of videos related to layouts for better traffic management and design. Additionally, A-one+ pointed out some other reasons for their safety landmark success, including their full and complete review of single and dual vehicle workings, a working review on live lanes, and more.

But A-one+’s implementation doesn’t end there – it also invests heavily in a weekly alcohol and drug testing policy at its inductions, which not only include regular employees and workers but also new employees, including those for its suppliers and supply chain network. 



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Posted on 12 Oct 2015 in News

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