Acquiring New Equipment for Your Road Construction Company

To remain competitive in the paving business it’s important to always have the top machinery that will do a quality job for you and your crews. 

New or Used asphalt paver machine? That is the question!

New or Used asphalt paver machine? That is the question!

You don’t want to experience breakdowns in the midst of a job since this could harm your business reputation with potential clients. Both you and your crews need reliable tools with which to do the job you’ve been contracted to do which means that you must always have dependable inventory to assist you in doing a premium job for each and every client.

New or Used Equipment?

When you are just starting your company you may want to only consider buying a piece of used equipment since your budget may be limited at the outset. After you become more established you can then search for new pieces of paving equipment to add to your inventory. Should one of your pavers break down on the job, if you want to replace it immediately you can always find a good piece of equipment to take its place so that work can continue. You’ll have to keep in mind your budget, your cash flow, and the number of jobs that you have coming up before you make purchases of paving machinery.

Which Brand Should You Buy?

If you are quite familiar with paving equipment you know some of the major brands that will give you good service for many years. Should you be new to the industry you can take advantage of the expertise of professionals who know the equipment that you should consider as you build up your inventory. They can suggest the brands that will be most affordable, the ones that carry the best warranty, and those brands that have a long history of success in the transportation infrastructure sector.

Technical Support is Important

You should buy your paving equipment from a source that can supply you with excellent technical support and additional training for you and your crews. Find a company that offers workshops, mobile support, and quality replacement parts and service that is reliable; knowing a team of experts to call should you encounter a problem on the job with a piece of your equipment can remove the stress from any breakdowns. You’ll have peace of mind just knowing that a team of technical support specialists are standing by to assist you when everything seems to be going wrong. Whether your paver is on the jobsite or at your company, the team with which you partner should be ready to provide back-up once you have notified them of the problem.


Acquiring new equipment for your company means that you are growing and adding to your inventory; take pride in your accomplishments and relish the opportunity to find exceptional equipment at affordable prices. Make sure that when you do buy used equipment that it’s from a trusted and reliable source that has years of experience in the construction industry and that they will stand behind the parts and machinery that they sell.


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Posted on 24 Aug 2015 in Technology

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