All You Need to Know about the Ammann Group: and How it has Established Itself through the Years

When it comes to the building, construction, asphalt, and road paving and building industries, one name has certainly distinguished itself amongst the many manufacturers and suppliers out there: the Ammann Group. What began as a small firm with only 15 individual staff has quickly grown into one of the most recognisable (and trusted, of course) names in the industry.  

A history of Amman

A history of Amman

Where it all began

The Ammann Group’s beginnings were quite simple indeed: it started out as a small enterprise in the town of Verona (known for its industrial sector). The firm was founded through the vision of two individuals – brothers-in-law Mr. Bondardo and Mr. GF Turrini. When it first started out, the Ammann Group was simply supplying small plants for the asphalt and paving industry. But the sector soon began to grow, and it was only natural that the company grew along with it. The company, which was still known as SIM SpA at the time, then decided to expand its production in order to accommodate the increasing demand – and pretty soon, the company was already manufacturing a whole range of asphalt plants and machinery as well as a wide variety of components for its growing customers.

Due to its meticulous attention to detail and its high quality, high performance products, SIM SpA began to solidify its name in the industry – not only in its native Italy, but throughout the entire world. Due to its enhanced popularity, the company then decided to expand its operations even further – it then purchased about 60,000 sq.metres of land in a town called Bussolengo, and this is where SIM SpA also established its completely modern, 18,000 sq.metre factory and facility. This factory was officially inaugurated more than more than 35 years ago, in 1980.


International expansion

During the same time, the company also expanded its operations, focusing on international trade and consumers. It also started establishing bases in the Middle East, other places in Western Europe, and even extended all the way to the Arctic. The year 1991 was also a significant year for SIM SpA, as this was also the time when the company was able to acquire the Swiss Ammann Group (which also celebrated its 125th year in 1994). From the year 2011, SIM SpA has already become fully incorporated with the Ammann Group and is now known by one singular name.


The present and the future through Ammann’s eyes

As of this writing, the Ammann Group is already a limited company with a total share capital of 3.6 million Euros. The average yearly turnover of the Group is at approximately 100 million Euros, with 85% being made up of exports. In the UK and Ireland, Pavemac is one of the Ammann Group’s premier distributors.



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Posted on 02 May 2016 in Technology

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