Balfour to Take On New Road Project along Scotland’s A9 Carriageway

Various road and road-related infrastructure projects are ongoing in the UK, and one of the most recent to be signed and set forth is a project to be carried out by Balfour Beatty under the Council of Perth & Kinross.

Creating and developing a completely new junction on Scotland’s A9 carriageway

Creating and developing a completely new junction on Scotland’s A9 carriageway

Balfour Beatty is set to take on a road project worth £35 million to create and develop a completely new junction (grade-separated) on Scotland’s A9 carriageway. The contract for the project is between the Kinross and Perth Council and Balfour Beatty, and it has been awarded to the company under the National Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework of the Scape Group.


Road project aims

In addition to building a new junction which is grade separated, Balfour Beatty will also be in charge of building a new road linking development areas and lands to the city’s western region. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as the Perth Council, under the Perth Transport Futures scheme, has four more project phases for which to aim. These projects, including the first, which is the aforementioned project with Balfour Beatty, have as goal to decrease congestion and increase various motorists’ and road users’ access points to the city, as well as provide economic opportunities and growth at an estimated £500 million for the local community.

The collaboration between Balfour Beatty and the Council has already been going on for a while. The two organisations have begun working together (under the National Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework) since the last month of 2015.


Road improvements combined with economic opportunities

The regional managing director for Scotland of Balfour Beatty, Mr. Hector Macaulay, states that the company is very pleased to be undertaking the project and to be awarded this particular contract. He adds that the company is excited to be part of the development projects of the Council. He also says that Balfour Beatty has a vast amount of experience in the delivery of major infrastructure projects on UK highways and motorways, especially those in Scotland, such as the A90, the M90, and the A9.

Mr. Macaulay goes on to say that they have been able to collaborate with the Perth and Kinross Council from the beginning, and are confident that they have provided the Council with the best price and value. Mr. Macaulay also mentions that through this project, local suppliers and sub-contractors can take advantage of important opportunities. As a result, the community of Perth & Kinross will not only benefit from road improvements – it will also benefit from economic growth.

The project is scheduled to begin this month and is expected to last until the spring of 2019. With the scheme, around 100 individuals will be employed, and there will also be various opportunities for apprenticeship. 

Posted on 10 Oct 2016 in News

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