Bedfordshire to Receive Boost in Economy, Thanks to New Road Programmes Worth £200 Million

Amongst the many road programmes and projects set for the year, Bedfordshire’s road projects promise to be one of the most ambitious. The area is scheduled to benefit from two schemes for road building that is worth approximately £200 million. These road projects have already been underway, and this year actually marks the one year of since the beginning of the projects. 

Ambitious Bedfordshire road project is set to boost the economy

Ambitious Bedfordshire road project is set to boost the economy

The details of the Bedfordshire road schemes

The purpose of the road schemes is simple: to link the A5 to the M1, which involves construction and paving for about 2.8 miles, along with a £162 million budget. The scheme to link the A5 and the M1 is being presided over (and financed by) Highways England. Apart from this, the other road scheme is focused on the linking of Woodside, which is expected to cost approximately £38 million and which stretches a total of 1.8 miles. This second project or scheme is presided over by the CBC, or Central Bedfordshire Council. As of now, the Woodside project has already benefitted from two new bridge constructions, drainage installation, and the building of a retaining wall.

The two road projects are supposed to be completed next year, around springtime, and both hold a lot of promise for the area. As a matter of fact, with the opening of these new roads, the local area’s economy is set to receive a boost since new businesses can become better connected with new road systems and around 7000 new homes can be built in the environs as well.


A rosy future for the economy

Once the schemes are finished, about 40 hectares of prime land will be unlocked, and this land can then be used by businesses and serve as an area for the building of 7000 new residences, to be located near Houghton Regis, on its northern side. And, of course, with the new roads, commuters and drivers will have easier access to the major M1 motorway. The roads are also expected to reduce clogging and congestion in the area of Dunstable.


Other work on the M1

There are also other projects being undertaken on the M1 as we speak. One is the proposed junction on the M1, the 11A, which will be built in conjunction with new bridges and roundabouts as well. Another project is the rebuilding of Luton Road West and East (the B579) in order to line it up with the 11A junction. Work has also begun on the new roundabout on the A5. 

Andrew Jones, the Roads Minister, is well-pleased. He has mentioned that the department is making a significant investment for road improvement totaling to about £15 billion around England, and the above-mentioned road projects play a truly significant and vital role.



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Posted on 09 May 2016 in News

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