Benefits and Advantages of Construction Equipment Rental

The popularity of construction equipment rental around the world goes from strength to strength. The attraction of being able to use the exact piece of equipment you need, but only for the length of time you need it without having to worry about a long-term financial commitment, is highly attractive. 

Construction equipment rental continues to be a profitable business in the UK, even while the industry is not so developed in other parts of the world. Up to 80 percent of the machinery sold in the UK is destined for equipment rental or plant hire companies. In other countries contractors prefer to have security over ownership, and the practice of renting heavy equipment is not so common. But with the variety of benefits attached to the rental mix, we think it can only get more popular across the globe. 

Reduce the Burden of Up-Front Investment

Most types of heavy industrial equipment are not cheap. Buying a paver or a digger is a big investment, and it may not always be possible to make the investment when you need the equipment. The clear advantage of hiring a piece of equipment is that you do not need to pay the money upfront in order to use the machinery.

Cut the Costs of Repairs and Maintenance

Owning a piece of construction machinery is also a long-term investment in terms of maintenance and repairs. When you hire your equipment you cut the risk of expensive breakdowns and you know you will not be called upon to pay for regular maintenance checks. Aside from saving money, this gives you better peace of mind knowing that you will always have a piece of equipment that works well, and is up to date in terms of technology. Because you are only paying for the time you actually use the equipment, you can save a great deal.

Weather the Ups and Downs of the Market

As the construction market is changeable and affected by many factors that are largely outside of the control of industry participants, it makes sense to hire equipment that can be returned if conditions in the market deteriorate, or added to as new projects are won and new work taken on. Hiring equipment is a flexible solution that can help companies cope with the ups and downs of the market.

Don’t Worry About Depreciation

When you buy an expensive piece of kit you’re always going to be thinking about when you should sell, and how much you can expect to get from the sale. The fact is, the value of a piece of machinery drops considerably as soon as you pay for it, and you will never get back exactly what you paid. If this is a concern for you, equipment hire is the natural solution.

Hire Equipment for Individual Projects

You can never be exactly sure what your next project will be. Perhaps it will require some specialist machinery you don’t own. Cut down on your outlays and reduce the risk of ending up with an unused piece of machinery in your factory by hiring the specialist equipment instead of shelling out to buy it. Every project is likely to be a little different, so the equipment you use will alter, too. 

Posted on 06 Jul 2015 in News

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