Challenging Resurfacing Project Successfully Undertaken by Eurovia

Eurovia, one of the UK’s most popular contractors, has recently undertaken a tough resurfacing project that also had to be finished on a tight schedule. The resurfacing project was not only challenging in itself – Eurovia also had to deal with traffic on a road network known for being regularly traversed by a lot of motorists. The work also had to be done close to several intersections. What made the project doubly challenging was the fact that traffic was also quite heavy during that time since it was a holiday, with both residents and tourists crowding the road network as well.

Creative thinking and strategy enabled Eurovia to complete resurfacing challenge with minimal disruption to motorists

Creative thinking and strategy enabled Eurovia to complete resurfacing challenge with minimal disruption to motorists

The solution for the challenges

The solution brought forth by Eurovia in order to deal with the challenge was to devise a number of contingency plans, especially with the involvement of contractors very early on in the process. Eurovia’s planning process also involved working carefully with its partners in the supply chain from the very beginning.

Through this strategy, Eurovia was able to plan an extensive, well-thought-out programme for this particular resurfacing project. The preparatory work prepared by Eurovia included the closing of a motorway comprised of six lanes and reducing it to only three lanes, and the prep work also involved the implementation of running on narrower lanes. Through these preparations, the road resurfacing job could begin. For instance, on the Monday morning of the start of the project, all the single lane traffic was removed, but it was opened again for three-lane running so motorists could make use of it starting at 5:30am. This ensured that the rush hour in the morning would still have enough capacity for drivers not to be delayed on their journeys.

The tools and equipment

Eurovia’s machines were amply used as well. Its milling machinery was able to work meticulously with the truck fleet removing the old and worn surface of the road from the motorways which were undergoing repair. Eurovia also made ample use of its paving machinery, which were immediately able to place a new asphalt layer over the surface which was freshly-milled. Another truck fleet was used to deliver asphalt directly from the plant, and the compaction was also quickly accomplished with the use of other machinery that worked closely and carefully with the crews.

The regional director of Eurovia, Neil Huntington, states that the company has years of experience and expertise when it comes to various resurfacing projects and schemes for the motorways, especially the M6. Mr. Huntington goes on to say that the company has received commendations from both the Toll Board of the M6 and Highways England for its excellent and timely delivery. With this strong reputation, Mr. Huntington adds, Eurovia can confidently continue to bid for upcoming work on the Midlands Expressway and other major road networks.

Posted on 05 Jun 2017 in News

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