Concerned Campaigners Call for More Measures with the Rise of Road Fatalities in 2017

Both concerned campaigners and motorist groups have called for more stringent measures on road use and safety after it was found that fatalities on British roads have risen by as much as 4% in the last year, which is the highest level of road fatalities in the past 6 years. 

Road fatalities are on the increase. Campaigners call for safer roads

Road fatalities are on the increase. Campaigners call for safer roads

What the Department for Transport has to say 

In the latest yearly statistics released by the DfT (Department for Transport), it shows that there was a total of 1792 deaths on the roads in Britain in the year 2016, which is 462 deaths higher than 2015’s 1730 fatalities, representing an increase of 4%.

However, the DfT explained that the number of fatalities is not significant in a statistical sense, which technically means that the rise in the number of fatalities is of a small amount which can be explained through natural differences or variations over a period of time.  

Motoring and transport groups disagree 

But some motoring and transport groups as well as concerned campaigners have an opposing view. The director of campaigns for Brake, a charity focused on road safety, Mr. Jason Wakeford, states that the figures released graphically demonstrate the everyday ‘carnage’ which is happening on different British roads. On average, Mr. Wakeford adds, there are five individuals who die every single day, and this is a figure which is deeply worrisome because it hasn’t shown any improvement or decrease in the last six years. 

Also, according to Mr. Wakeford, the progress when it comes to safety on the road has slowed down and has, in fact, stalled, which increases the need for an investigative branch that investigates road collisions (similar to branches which already exist for sea, air, and rail) so that further improvements can be made to lessen or avoid road crashes and accidents in the future.

Another spokesman, Pete Williams from the RAC, also states that every user of the road and those who work on improving road safety will see the figures released with shock and dismay; every single life that is lost due to road accidents is definitely a life too many.  Mr. Williams goes on to say that the report has said that there is unlikely to be a large decrease in fatalities, as occurred previously, without any corresponding important interventions. According to Mr. Williams, this is an obvious admission that there is more action that could be taken to save more lives. 

In 2016, the number of individuals who were seriously injured due to road accidents was 24101, higher by 9% compared to 2015. But officials have also warned that comparing figures with those of prior years should be done with caution because of various changes in the reporting systems of the police. 

Posted on 06 Nov 2017 in News

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