Drivers Shown to Deliberately Ignore Road Safety Closures on Continuing A13 Road Works

In the ongoing repair and maintenance of the A13 near Essex, it has been shown that a striking number of motorists are ignoring road safety closures and other signage, therefore risking their own safety – as well as the safety of other drivers and motorists. According to Highways England, there have already been about 40 instances or cases of motorists willfully ignoring the closures put up by road workers along this stretch of the A13. 

Deliberately ignoring road safety closures on A13 risks lives

Deliberately ignoring road safety closures on A13 risks lives

In fact, in 2015, a wide variety of vehicles drove into the project’s worksites or deliberately paid no heed to closures on carriageways. One case in June involved a vehicle moving along the A13 – an item flew out of this vehicle, which then hit and ultimately damaged a road worker’s vehicle.


The work being done along the A13

The road work was recently begun on the stretch of the M25 and the A13 leading to Thurrock, near Essex. This road work is aimed at improving the safety of drivers using the said roads as well as reducing the traffic congestion on the same network. The A13, in particular, is scheduled for widening to up to four lanes in various directions. The result, hopefully, will be a much-improved, less congested junction which all motorists can enjoy and benefit from, along with new roads that link the M25 and the A13. Whilst the road workers are doing their best to finish the project as soon as possible, it is not scheduled to be fully completed until the autumn.

According to the project manager of Highways England, Lizzie Pauling, safety and security is a major priority with Highways England. That is why the department is thoroughly concerned by the actions of those motorists who deliberately choose to disregard road safety closures, thereby risking their own safety and the safety of other road users. Ms. Pauling goes on to say that the various improvements being done to this stretch of the M25 and the A13 will only result in positive changes – that of reducing congestion and improving safety – for the numerous drivers and road users who go through this stretch of road every single day.

As we all know, road improvements and maintenance projects are on the rise in England. But despite the inconveniences caused by these various projects, it is our duty to remain patient – and it is even more important for us to consciously follow road safety rules at all times. By doing so, we are doing our own bit in enhancing road safety and security for everyone – and we are also making sure that these projects can progress faster and perhaps even finish on time.



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Posted on 06 Jun 2016 in News

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