Early September Sees the Opening of the Biggest Existing A1 Project under Highways England

Right now, the biggest road network project in the UK, under the helm of Highways England, is the improvement of part of the A1 from Leeming all the way to Barton. But according to Highways England and those involved in the project, they are now just adding the finishing touches to the project improvement. Once those finishing touches are done, the network will be opened to traffic. The schedule for the opening is early this month. 

The A1 motorway widening programme from Leeming to Barton is set to open in September 2016.

The A1 motorway widening programme from Leeming to Barton is set to open in September 2016.

Workers are now finishing up the project section of the A1, which extends for a total of two and a half miles. This project is quite relevant to the area, as the A1 running from Leeming to Barton is often traversed by about 59000 to as many as 69000 vehicles every single day. In addition, this new and improved section of the A1 is seen a major milestone in the scheme of Highways England (worth a total of £380 million) to widen about 12 miles of the highway in North Yorkshire from a simple double carriageway to a larger and more accessible motorway.


What motorists can look forward to

Starting on the 6th of September, Tuesday, provided that weather conditions are favourable, traffic will be switched to the newly-built north-bound A1 section extending from the area of Sowber Hill up to the centre of Catterick. If all goes well, changes to the south-bound section are set to proceed near the end of the week.


Paving the way for other projects

The assistant project manager for Highways England, Charlotte Wright, has stated that this project has already become a major milestone for the organisation. Once the project is finished and is already up and running, it will allow the workers from Highways England additional access to the old section of the A1, which will then serve as a special area for working in order to convert the section to another access road in the local road network. The completion of the project will also enable Highways England to finish their works at the junction of the southern part of Catterick as well as demolish the older bridges in the area.

Ms. Wright further adds that three old bridges are supposed to be demolished on this particular older section of the motorway. These bridges are located in Tunstall, Manor House, and Catterick South. The demolition of the bridges paves the way for the completion of the project, which is scheduled for next year. Once all the projects are finished and completed, motorists and road users will be able to benefit from an additional lane in more directions, which will then improve road use, reduce the time it takes to traverse the area, and tackle the issues with congestion as well.

Posted on 05 Sep 2016 in Technology

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