Efficient and Organised Coordination between A-one+ and LMS Highways Bring Substantial Savings

In the road construction industry, contractors and sub-contractors often work closely together to bring about seamless solutions to major and minor road projects. A singular case in point is the collaboration between A-one+ and LMS Highways, which has resulted in substantial savings and a more innovative and efficient way of working.

A-one+ and LMS Highways, find a way to create substantial savings and a more innovative and efficient way of working

A-one+ and LMS Highways, find a way to create substantial savings and a more innovative and efficient way of working

A-one+ and LMS Highways recently carried out work on the M180, which runs along the Humber’s southern side and joins the area of Grimsby to the town of Doncaster. When the surface of the road started to rapidly and prematurely fail, the two firms were under pressure to investigate the reason for the issue and form a plan for repair and maintenance before the degradation became a major issue.  

A little information on A-one+ and LMS Highways 

A-one+ Integrated Highway Services was established by Colas, Costain, and CH2M as an engineering provider for highways specialising in the designing, construction, and operation of road networks. A-one+ has been managing Areas 4 as well as 12 of the road networks on Highways England for a number of years. In the past 7 years, A-one+ has worked closely with LMS Highways Ltd, which are sub-contractors for repair, particularly for Areas 7 as well as 14. But when the two firms were confronted with an urgent issue such as the one along the M180, they needed to work quickly and efficiently, and this is where their good working relationship came into play. 
The problems on the M180

The M180 had problems with water ingress which had caused sections of lane 1 and big portions of the hard shoulder to develop large potholes and cracks. A-one+ was able to complete FWD (falling weight deflectometer) and trial hole testing and was able to identify that the cause of the problem of drainage were the wetlands on both sides of the motorway. 

The collaboration 

A-one+ knew about LMS Highways’ specialties in several crucial areas, including the installation of new drainage to avoid waterlogging, the treatment and sealing of concrete slabs to inhibit water from seeping into the wearing course, and more. 

The work commenced over the following days and nights and on weekends in order for the project to be completed quickly and efficiently. A-one+ was responsible for milling out lane 1 and the hard shoulder’s surface course to prepare for the succeeding road works to be done by LMS Highways. The Civil Solutions team from LMS fixed the drainage and followed this with eight shifts concentrating on CRCP repair. At the same time, the LMS crews specialising in joint repair flattened out as well as sealed longitudinal and transverse joints and finished repairs on plug joints and thin bonds. 

Other work was carried out, but thanks to the collaboration of the specialised teams from both firms, the work was not only carried out quickly – it also remained within budget and eliminated major inconveniences to road users. 

Posted on 19 Sep 2017 in News

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