Finding Paving Equipment for Your Road Construction Business

As your road construction business grows you’ll have to expand your inventory to accommodate the number of new jobs you are getting each week.

Choosing the right asphalt paving machine may not mean buying new

Choosing the right asphalt paving machine may not mean buying new

It’s important to pay close attention to your budget so that you don’t overspend on a piece of new equipment and impact your cash flow; this could damage your business reputation so make sure that you can afford what you are buying. There are a multitude of ways to find additional paving equipment for your business; you can always buy the latest and most advanced paver but if money is short and you still need more inventory consider purchasing a good used piece of equipment that has been well maintained and serviced. Keep in mind that you’re making an investment for your paving company, so you want to get the best deal for your money.

Is New for You?

Buying new machinery means that it has all of the features that you want and need for your company; it’s also a good investment for you as a contractor. New pavers come with excellent pricing, great performance ratios, and outstanding manoeuvrability. Your operators will enjoy the easy operation of these new pavers and will be able to do their jobs better. Be sure to ask about the warranty that comes with any equipment, any service contracts that are available, and the technical support that the company provides with your purchase.

Does Pre-Owned Fit the Bill?

Pre-owned machinery can be the ideal solution for your company if you’re just getting started or you simply need to add more equipment to your inventory at affordable pricing. Look for a company that sells pre-owned equipment that has been re-conditioned to excellent standards; you may also want them to brand your new machine with your logo and the colour you use for branding purposes. Be sure to inspect the machinery carefully, ask about warranty coverage, and explore your options for service and extended warranties if you are interested in this type of cover. You should also enquire about the technical support that will be available to you and your crews no matter your location.

Does Brand Matter?

As you are shopping for either new or pre-owned equipment you should ask your sales representative which brand he would recommend and how it can benefit your business. You may want to explore your options with different sizes of machinery, whether to buy wheeled or tracked equipment, or if gas or an electric model would be better for you. Take a close look at how the equipment has been serviced over its lifetime (if it’s pre-owned) so that you can get an idea of the condition of the machinery.

Whether you buy new or pre-owned is entirely up to you and your budget limits; just make sure that you get quality for your investment and that you inspect it carefully before you buy it so that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase after the deal has been closed.


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Posted on 21 Sep 2015 in Technology

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