Government Moving Forward with a Budget of £200 Million for Roads in Local Communities

It has been recently announced that the ministers have decided to move forward with a budget of almost £200 million set aside for local roads. This also includes the launch during the next year of the £151 million Incentive Fund for the maintenance of highways, as well as the confirmation of an additional budget of £46 million for potholes.

£200 Million for Roads in Local Communities

£200 Million for Roads in Local Communities

The budget and the plans 

The Incentive Fund has experienced a ‘crunch year,’ and it has been confirmed that it will have a value of £151 million by 2018-2019, which is double the allocation for this year. Councils, however, could lose as much as 70 percent of their funding on incentive elements. According to officials from the Department for Transport (DfT), this will depend on the current process for self-assessment, but this may also change in the following year. 

Along with the above-mentioned announcement, the government also revealed that there will be a new competition for a £500,000 budget for councils – a challenge for councils to come up with new, pilot schemes and projects using connected, innovative technologies for collecting pothole and road condition data.
It has been revealed by the Treasury that the NIC, or National Infrastructure Commission, will also be launching a new prize for innovation in order to know how road building in the future should adjust or adapt for supporting self-driving vehicles.

Words from Mr. Norman

Jesse Norman, Roads Minister, said that people have a need for great roads in order to move about, visit family and friends, and transact business. According to Mr. Norman, they have plans of investing significant amounts for the improvement of road conditions so that drivers as well as cyclists no longer have to avoid potholes to drive or cycle safely. Mr. Norman added that they are looking into newly-developed innovations which can help various councils maintain their roads, allowing them to save money and plan their maintenance projects more efficiently.

A competition can help fund projects by local authorities which cost between £30,000 - £100,000, and the winners will be chosen depending on how they show their capability on connected data for vehicles, how they will improve their road condition quality and data on asset management, how they will provide the case for wider deployment through various authorities on highways, how they will enable the production of ‘smart asset’ systems and strategies that are based on gathered intelligence, and how they will support the advent of new innovations in the supply chain of the private sector. 

The Department for Transport confirmed that the additional £46 million for potholes will be added onto the £75 million budget which was announced earlier this year, and this would then allow over a million more repairs of potholes throughout England, not just in London.


Posted on 01 Jan 2018 in News

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