Government should Increase Focus on Road Resilience, According to Traffex Conference Director

The upcoming Traffex 2017 event, which is set to be held from the 4th of April until the 6th of April this coming spring in Birmingham, attracts a good number of industry experts every time. But ahead of the event, one industry expert, Traffex’s own Conference Director, Adrian Tatum, has stressed the importance of resilience on UK roads.

Greater emphasis needs to be placed on road resilience according to transport and highways specialist Adrian Tatum

Greater emphasis needs to be placed on road resilience according to transport and highways specialist Adrian Tatum

According to transport and highways specialist Adrian Tatum (who also holds the position of Traffex’s Conference Director), road resilience should be an added focus of the government, especially in the wake of Storm Doris, which has recently caused major chaos along UK roads. And with the weather conditions only set to become worse over time, road resilience should be a priority indeed.

Extreme weather conditions call for enhanced road resilience 

Traffex’s Conference Director, Adrian Tatum, has pointed out that the UK is experiencing more extreme weather disturbances, as evidenced by the recent coming of Storm Doris on UK shores. As such, Mr. Tatum continued, the country’s winter and highway engineers should make it a point to focus more on finding innovative methods and ways in order to make the road networks in the UK stronger and more durable and resilient.  

Mr. Tatum additionally stated that it is already widely known that the winter service and highway engineers in the United Kingdom are some of the best in the globe, especially when it comes to dealing and coping with extreme conditions in regards to the weather. But according to Mr. Tatum, UK’s winter service and highway engineers have a new challenge on their hands – that of finding new and more innovative techniques as well as coming up with new technology so they can deal with more extreme weather elements and deliver a better and more efficient and effective service. 

Along with this, Mr. Tatum pointed out that UK engineers need more support from the UK government, not only when it comes to funding for projects aimed at road resilience, but also when it comes to the right guidance so there are better and more enhanced management practices in the country. 

The Traffex 2017 event: addressing essential issues  

Mr. Tatum mentioned that the upcoming Traffex 2017 event is scheduled to bring together a plethora of experts in the industry numbering more than 10,000. These industry experts and specialists should be able to tackle and discuss the most crucial problems related to the transport industry. Those who are interested in visiting the event can register for free on the Traffex website, whilst those interested in exhibiting can visit the website for details on how to join. The event attracts industry professionals from the traffic and highways management sector as well as contractors, surveyors, planners, civil engineers, environment managers, plant and equipment hire specialists, and more. 

Posted on 20 Mar 2017 in News

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