Highway High-Volume Pump Clears Floodwaters along the A1 in No Time

It is a known fact that flooding has been a problem – a big issue, indeed – for many of those who are living in specific areas in England. In recent weeks, we have seen flooding occur on a bigger scale than ever, perhaps due to global warming, deforestation, and a number of other major factors. We have all tried our best to deal with flooding and rising floodwaters for a long time, from better road and canal system construction to enhancing our efforts for the protection of the environment, but these floods are still predicted to become more frequent – and worse - in the coming years.

A-One+ team leading the way in clearing flood water from roads

A-One+ team leading the way in clearing flood water from roads

New innovations – new hope for rising floodwaters

But there is still hope – thanks to certain new innovations and equipment that truly make a difference. A new type of high-volume pump has actually been able to reduce floodwaters on the busy A1 thoroughfare in a much faster time than other methods (and equipment) used previously.

Prior to last weeks major flooding, A-One+, a popular highways contractor, was able to clear a pesky flooding on the busy A1 in a mere 1/5th of the normal time it takes other methods to deliver results. The A-One+ team at Halcrow, Colas, and Coslain was able to pump around 2.5 million litres of floodwater (roughly the same amount as an Olympic-sized pool) from the major A1 thoroughfare in Catterick, directing the waters to the River Swale in only a few hours, earlier in the month.

The section of the A1 road was actually closed off in both north and south segments, but the entire road was cleared in only ten hours. This is a big improvement indeed compared to the year 2012, when the entire A1 northbound section (specifically in Catterick) was congested and then closed for a little more than two entire days. This happened after some heavy overnight rainfall resulted in road flooding, making this section of the A1 impassable.


The use of the high-volume pump: the economic effect

Apart from A-One+, only one other road authority owns this highly-effective pump: Highways England. The only other authorities who have access to this type of high-volume pump are the fire services. A-One+’s manager for service delivery, Mr. Nicholas Adshead, is all praise. He states that having the pump is a major step for them in regards to dealing with floods and flooding and restricting the overall damage and disruption to the entire road network. He further adds that the long-term result of the use of this high-volume pump is clearly economic, since the region will no longer be adversely affected by damaging and dangerous flooding for long periods of time. As a matter of fact, Mr. Adshead says that the pump has actually been able to save the economy in the northeast more than £500,000 in precious time as well as delays.

Another great aspect about this high-volume pump is that it can be installed and set up in less than one hour, helping clear a thousand litres (or more) of water from areas which are flooded, and the pump can also be sent by Highways England to other areas in the UK in cases of severe and serious flooding.

Rather than looking at days of clearing and pumping water, the high-volume pump makes it entirely possible to clear floodwaters in several hours. A-One+’s network manager, Mr. Peter Hancock, described the operation of clearing the waters on the A1 as ‘unbelievable’ – with the amount of water being pumped back to the river, it was already filing back from the land and fields on both sides of the road. But the pump was able to maximise its power and run through until the end. The road was quickly reopened without any fuss, and traffic disruption was thoroughly minimised.



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Posted on 14 Dec 2015 in News

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