Highways England Event Focuses on Importance of Workers’ Health, Wellness, and Safety

At a recent event called ‘Aiming for Zero,’ Highways England sub-contractors and employees gathered together to stress the importance of workers’ health, wellness, and safety. Those who are currently working on the smart motorway along the M60 and 62 in Greater Manchester attended the event, held at Salford’s Barton City Airfield. 

The focus at ‘aiming for zero’: a discussion on various health and safety issues

The focus at ‘aiming for zero’: a discussion on various health and safety issues

About 500 workers (employees as well as sub-contractors) involved in the Highways England motorway project, estimated at £208 million and aimed at upgrading the part of the motorway which rests between Trafford’s M60 junction 8 and Rochdale’s M62 junction 20, participated in the said event.


The focus at ‘Aiming for Zero’: a discussion on various health and safety issues

At ‘Aiming for Zero,’ the focus was clearly on the importance of the health and wellness of those who are involved in the construction sector. The topics discussed included workplace fatigue, workers’ mental wellness and health, investigation into accidents, workers’ safety in regards to cultural behaviour, incursions, and conditions such as Hand, Arm Vibration at Work (HAVS).

The day-long event was comprised of several sessions related to health, including that of stress awareness and awareness of workers’ levels of cholesterol. There was also a discussion on the overall benefits of quitting smoking, delivered by the nurse on Occupational Health involved in the project and supported by the various medical experts and professionals involved in the construction sector in general.

One other participant at the event was the MSM (Manchester Smart Motorways) Lifestyle Checkpoint, enabling those who attended to check their Body Mass Index levels. Some exercise bicycles were also provided at the event, which were used in order to amass money for local charities. £10 was donated for every one kilometre participants cycled. For this particular activity, around £2870 was raised.

Highways England’s David Emery, the project director, states that he was proud for having delivered another such event after last year’s successful ‘Aiming for Zero’ day. Through the event, Mr. Emery adds, they have been able to draw special attention to the necessity of workers’ well-being, both physically and mentally.

A project manager for Highways England, Stef Wilson, states that Highways England places great value on its workforce, and they are completely committed to improving workers’ health and wellness in the workplace. Wilson adds that the event highlighted not only the importance of workers’ physical health, but mental health as well. Through ‘Aiming for Zero,’ workers have been given the chance to learn the type of help that is available to them, and workers have also been able to share their own concerns and experiences in an environment that’s friendly and stress-free. That being said, Wilson concluded that the event was a big success. 

Posted on 28 Nov 2016 in News

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