Highways England has Entire Road Network Assessed and Rated for Safety

    Recently, Highways England performed its own safety assessment and established a rating for its entire SRN, or strategic road network. The assessment of Highways England was performed following the star rating method of the EuroRAP/iRAP, or the International Road Assessment Programme.    

Star Rating

Star Rating

The International Road Assessment Programme: what is it?


The iRAP, or International Road Assessment Programme, is a process of establishing a star rating for road networks and road infrastructure based on known rules for safety. The International Road Assessment Programme does not rely on actual data for road crashes or accidents, however, and instead simply relies on road network or infrastructure characteristics or attributes which are already proven to have an effect or impact on road safety.


The Delivery Plan of Highways England


As of now, Highways England has a Delivery Plan which includes a pledge or commitment that 90% of road travel on the strategic road network be at least three stars by the latter part of the year 2020. Along with this, part of Highways England’s Delivery Plan is to make sure that the majority of roads which are currently at a 1-star or 2-star rating will already attain at least a 3-star rating by the end of the same year.


Another target of this Delivery Plan is to have a reduction in fatal as well as serious road traffic accident injuries by as much as 40% by the latter part of 2020, based on 2005 to 2009 statistics. 

Posted on 07 Aug 2017 in News

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