Highways England Successfully Completes a Number of Road Refurbishment Projects in the Midlands

As we all know, Highways England’s goal is to provide all the people in the country with the roads and road networks they deserve. Road construction and refurbishment has been ongoing for a good many years now, and it isn’t likely to stop anytime soon.

Highways England complete three major road refurbishment projects

Highways England complete three major road refurbishment projects

In fact, Highways England has recently finished a number of important projects for road refurbishment and other necessary repairs and replacements in the Midlands, all aimed at improving the region’s road systems, contributing to enhanced road user safety, and easing traffic congestion for commuters and residents.


A list of Highways England road projects in the Midlands:


Drain refurbishment on the A14

One important road project that was recently finished in the early part of October was the drain refurbishment for the A14, both westbound and eastbound. The project extended from the A14’s M1 junction to the A45 junction at Thrapston. The reason for the refurbishment was simple: the existing drainage filter system of the area needed to be replaced because of the buildup of soil, silt, and other debris. The benefit of this road and drain refurbishment is easy to see – thanks to this, there is less risk of flooding from surface water and the road safety for all users of the road is enhanced as well.


Road resurfacing for the A5 and M42 up to the roundabout in Dordon

Another project recently undertaken and concluded by Highways England was the resurfacing of the road leading from the A45 and the junction of the M42 to the roundabout in Dordon. This project was started in late August and was finished in the early part of September. The necessity for the resurfacing became obvious when it was noticed that there was already a significant amount of damage and deterioration to the road’s surface and pavement, causing effects such as cracks, fretting, open joints, crazing, and patches which had failed. Another reason for this project’s necessity was because the open joints as well as cracks would have accumulated even more water in the future, further damaging and deteriorating the area’s roadway. As an obvious result of this road project, the road leading from the A5 to the M42 junction and the roundabout in Dordon is now much safer for road users, who can clearly benefit from it for a good long time.


Resurfacing of M1 (northbound) and A52 (westbound)

The third project undertaken in the Midlands, from the 27th of July to the 16th of October, and considerably more expensive than the previously-mentioned project, was the work carried out on the northbound M1   carriageway, between junctions 24 and 25, as well as junction 21 of the M1 and the westbound A52 carriageway. The overall purpose of the resurfacing project was to replace some damaged and worn out parts or sections of the above-mentioned carriageways and also to replace old road marking sections. Another purpose of the project was to provide newer and better road signs for junction 25 of the M1. Of course, enhanced road safety for users is the result, along with better and clearer signs and road markings.



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Posted on 28 Dec 2015 in News

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