Highways England to Proceed with £50 Million Scheme for J19 of the M6

The scheme, referred to as Option A, involves the construction of a new bridge which will cross the middle section of the roundabout on Junction 19, just at the point where the road meets or intersects with the A556. With the construction of this bridge, motorists can take advantage of a ‘double cut through’ which links drivers and road users leaving exiting the M6 and going north to the northbound portion of the A556. Additionally, the bridge will provide motorists on the southbound lane of the M6 access to the southbound portion of the A556. All the other links will simply make use of the current roundabout.    



But apart from the new bridge construction, the scheme includes other details, such as the widening of lanes on the current roundabout so the capacity of the roundabout is increased. This would include the bridges which are over this portion of the M6. The scheme also includes the addition or placement of new signs (which includes gantry signs), as well as the renewal and refurbishment of traffic signals on the roads approaching the roundabout and on the roundabout itself.


Another part of the scheme is the addition of new traffic signals for specific areas, such as the junction of Pickmere Lane and Tabley Hill Lane, and even improvements for the accessibility of cyclists, horse riders, and walkers who would like to use the junction.




According to Highways England, the scheme has received the support of 75 out of a total of 98 drivers as well as support from the Tabley Council and the Cheshire East Council. Support for the scheme has also been expressed by local residents who responded to the consultation of Highways England during the previous summer.


The Project Manager for the scheme, Irene Ofei, has confirmed that the scheme received overwhelming support from individuals who took part in the consultation, and everyone feels that the scheme or option will be able to deliver the most benefits not only for the short-term, but also for the long-term, especially when it comes to making improvements on the reliability of journeys as well as their safety. Irene Ofei also added that the new road links to be constructed on the middle portion of the roundabout will reduce traffic in other parts of this section of the motorway and the roundabout, thus resulting in less traffic congestion of which everyone can take advantage. 

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