Highways England’s SIB Event Set to Showcase Safety Schemes for Road Workers

The popular Highways England event, Seeing is Believing, or SIB, is scheduled for the second week of November, and industry participants have every reason to be excited. Those who have a chance to visit the event will be able to not only see actual demonstrations of newly-designed products for road maintenance – they will also be able to see certain initiatives set forth for road worker safety.

Showcasing improvements in road worker safety at this years SIB event

Showcasing improvements in road worker safety at this years SIB event

What visitors to SIB can expect

At the Highways England showcase for Road Worker Safety, visitors should see a demonstration of the new Guardian system of the WJ Group, which allows the installation of road studs – all whilst operators are safely confined in an 18-ton truck’s safety cell. This demonstration also features the WJ Group’s newly-created road stud, the Allux, which is prismatic as well but can still be used for different road stud types.

Another demonstration taking place at the showcase is the demonstration at the Highway Care BTM, or Barrier Transfer Machine, where the QMB, or Quick Change Moveable Barrier, can quickly move and transfer a barrier across different lanes. Visitors lucky enough to do a test drive on the machine will be assessed for their driving skills, and the one with the highest score will receive tickets to the Mini Challenge race events for 2017. Additionally, the champion of Mini Challenge himself, Charlie Butler Henderson, will showcase his skills in driving by taking the QMB for a test drive.

Along with demonstrations, the event will also host a debate about the safety of road workers, to be delivered by the HTMA, or Highways Term Maintenance Association.


Other innovations for safety

Visitors to the mock site for road workers at SIB will also be privy to other recent innovations by Highway Care, including the BarrierGuard 800, which is a portable and secure barrier made of steel, along with the ‘SOSEC Mobile Highways Access Gate,’ which has the distinction of being the very first access gate running on solar power.

The showcase for road worker safety at SIB will also feature an ‘awareness experience’ centred on road worker vulnerability and the necessity of driving at the legal speed limit through various road projects and works.

Of course, the road worker safety showcase is just one aspect of the SIB event. Visitors will also be able to see displays and watch other types of demonstrations which focus on road maintenance, smart technology, signage innovations, and more.

The event is scheduled to have more than 70 exhibitors, and is known for being the only event in Europe showcasing highway and road products and innovations both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor demonstrations at Highways England’s SIB will be held at Leicestershire’s Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and will feature demonstrations for different lighting situations

Posted on 01 Nov 2016 in News

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