Highways Magazine’s ‘Seeing is Believing’ Exhibit Set to Showcase the Best of the Best in the Industry

Amongst the many exhibitions, trade conferences, and shows scheduled for this year, it can be said that Highways Magazine’s ‘Seeing is Believing’ exhibition and conference is one of the most interesting – and groundbreaking, as well. In the ‘Seeing is Believing’ (or SIB) exhibit planned for later this year, many companies involved in the industry can proudly showcase and display their various products as well as services in a good selection of special zones at the SIB exhibit.

Highways Magazine’s SIB - 9th & 10th November 2016

Highways Magazine’s SIB - 9th & 10th November 2016

Highways Magazine’s SIB is scheduled for the 9th to 10th of November in Leicestershire, specifically at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, and it distinguishes itself by being the continent’s only indoor showcase of various products used for highway works and development projects. But apart from the notable indoor showcase, the SIB exhibit also features various demonstrations done outdoors in many different lighting conditions.


What makes the SIB event doubly special?

The event for November has gained plenty of attention for many reasons. But perhaps one reason is the increased and enhanced visibility for exhibitors through a ‘two-way street’ where companies can proudly and easily display their latest products and wares. Visitors and participants will also be pleased to know that the SIB event is more organised than ever, with clearly-marked and defined special zones that separate exhibitors based on their expertise and specialisation. These zones include a ‘Maintenance Matters’ zone, a ‘Safety in Action’ zone, a ‘Making our Mark’ zone, a ‘Lighting the Way zone, a ‘Signage Solutions’ zone, and a ‘Smarter Network’ zone. As you may have already deduced, each zone is dedicated to a particular sector or industry, which can then appropriately display its show pieces in the best possible way. For instance, in the ‘Maintenance Matters’ zone, the focus is on road surfacing services and products as well as demonstrations on road treatments (which include asphalt preservation), high-friction and decorative surfacing, pothole repair and maintenance, techniques for the repair of seal and joint systems, and more. This zone also includes an exhibit of the latest plant and equipment, including vibratory plates, compactors, and rollers. 

But there’s one other aspect which makes Highways Magazine’s ‘Seeing is Believing’ exhibit extra special: the focus on a more integrated exhibit and conference, which features additional round-table discussions, workshops, and the aforementioned exhibits. There is also a new skills and apprenticeship zone, which will surely be a welcome sight for beginners and start-up players in the industry.

For those who are interested in joining Highways Magazine’s SIB show, the next Open Day for Exhibitor Previews is on the 27th of April. For a complete guided tour of the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, including refreshments and lunch, interested parties can contact Robert Gouge or send an enquiry to robert@aladltd.co.uk.


Image attributed to Idea go/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Posted on 16 May 2016 in News

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