Innovation is Rife in Road Building with the Newest MCA-500 System

In any sector, innovation plays a key role. Without innovation (and innovative thinking, for that matter), we would all be stuck and remain stagnant in an ever-changing world. The building and construction sector, for one, has always welcomed new inventions and innovations from prime movers in the industry.

A new control system to make compactors more efficient

A new control system to make compactors more efficient

These innovations are fully welcomed as they mean better efficiency, less time and effort, enhanced quality, and even reduced costs as well, especially in the long term.

MOBA, for example, is known for being one of the foremost providers of control systems for machinery in the UK. Their control systems have primarily been used in the construction and building industry as well as in the waste logistics sector, and they have proven to be very useful in many ways.


A new control system for more efficient compactors

Today, MOBA has introduced another innovative control system that is destined to stand out: the MCA-500 control system, which has been specially-designed for use in compactors. This control system or controller is particularly beneficial and useful for road construction and earthworks projects, as it shows the real-time progress of a project on its display. The operator of the controller, in turn, can then see important information whilst the compaction process is going on. The information seen by the operator includes essential details such as the frequency of vibration as well as the intelligent compaction value, so the operator can easily weigh the risks and prevent under- or over-compaction – a definite no-no if you want roadwork that is done exceedingly well and last for a long time.

In addition to the above-mentioned information readily seen on the controller’s display, operators also have access to a sensor which can detect the temperature of the asphalt. This results in a much better compaction process, as operators can easily tell if the temperature is in the optimum range or not. 


Better roads in the long-term

In the road construction sector, everyone knows that precise compaction is of the utmost importance. With exact or precise compaction, we can all benefit from better roads – roads of higher quality and increased durability and longevity as well. And with enhanced monitoring of each pass through the MCA-500, road construction processes are improved, resulting in better roads for everyone.

Without a doubt, the MCA-500 control system is a pioneer when it comes to more precise and intelligent processes in compaction. In the road construction industry, roller productivity is a priority, and so is the quality of any finished road surface. Thanks to innovative products like the MCA-500, road construction projects are destined to be better and more enhanced in the future, requiring less time and effort and guesswork. Another great aspect about the MCA-500 is that it can easily be installed in any type of roller without any problems.

In addition, with products like the MCA-500, construction companies need not shell out much of their hard-earned financial resources either – with a minimum amount of investment, construction firms can upgrade their equipment, improve their fleet, and enhance their services ten-fold. 



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Posted on 03 Aug 2015 in Technology

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