Innovative Concrete Surface Now Safely Links the United States with Mexico

Who says that the United States and Mexico should be completely separated by a wall? But, regardless of your political leanings (if any), one thing is clear: the two countries have stronger ties and connections than ever, literally.

A completely new surface made of concrete now links Mexico with the USA

A completely new surface made of concrete now links Mexico with the USA

A completely new surface made of concrete, replacing the old, dilapidated one, has just been constructed through Mexico’s busy and tightly-packed highway running from Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo. The highway, as anyone who regularly travels through the area knows, plays an important role and function for both countries, as it is one of the major routes for import and export (read: trade) between the US and Mexico.

The highway is actually situated mainly in Mexico (the northeast, to be precise), but it is connected to the US through the southern Texas state. As of the moment, this Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey highway is carrying approximately 52% of imports as well as exports from Mexico, and is essential for both countries’ economies.


Route restoration: a necessary endeavour benefitting everyone

The restoration of the route has been badly needed for years, as it has been steadily deteriorating for some time due to the proliferation of huge lorries that have been using the highway, resulting in poor road conditions and a weaker road surface.

Fortunately, CEMEX (Mexico) was able to take on the project of restoring the highway – although its restoration hasn’t come easy, what with over 15000 truckloads passing through the route every single day. The repair of the highway required the most durable and toughest materials for construction for ultimate road safety, so the authorities in Mexico, along with CEMEX, had to use 98000 m3 of concrete in order to restore and pave a 15.6 kilometre section of the highway that needed special immediate attention. The cement used was over 30000 tonnes in total, and the project employed over a hundred workers as well.

The concrete used by CEMEX is an innovative hydraulic type that can provide a thoroughly flat yet strong surface capable of bearing the heaviest loads. The concrete is notable for its stiff quality, which can last for a long time and is also able to bear and support the highway’s high traffic volume. What’s more, the concrete used by CEMEX is also distinguished not only by its durability, but also by its low maintenance requirements.

The good news is that CEMEX was able to perform the road resurfacing requirements without obstructing the flow of traffic, especially during peak hours. For this, a series of work shifts were allocated in order to minimise the project’s overall effect on the busy route. These varying work shifts also served to make sure that the placing of the cement was correct all throughout.




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Posted on 27 Jun 2016 in Technology

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