Installment of Gantries along the M62 and M60 Motorways starts this week

As anyone in the road construction and building industry knows, gantries fulfill a prominent and important role. But the fact is that not many individuals really know the actual name of these assemblies – all they know is that they provide a very important guide for them whilst driving. Gantries are basically road signs – but heavy-duty road signs. These overhead assemblies are placed at regular intervals along roads and motorways, as well as railways, in order to display signs and signals prominently.

Improving road safety on the M62 and M60 with gantries commences late May 2016

Improving road safety on the M62 and M60 with gantries commences late May 2016

In accordance with the projects outlined by Highways England, especially its smart motorways programme, a series of super-sized gantries will be installed through sections of the M62 in Manchester as well as the M60 near the end of this week.


Gantry installation: motorists be aware

A grand total of eight gantries will be installed along the M62 and M60 motorways, and these gantries are quite a good size. The gantries will be placed overhead and will be designed to carry and display various messages as well as signs warning motorists of speed limits on the motorways. The project will begin this week and is scheduled to finish in six weeks, so motorists should expect a bit of traffic along the stretches where the gantries will be placed.

The first gantry will be placed along the M62, specifically between junctions 19 and 20, at Heywood and Oldham, respectively. The installation of this very first gantry is scheduled for Thursday evening, the 5th of May.

These supersized gantries will span not only the eastbound but also the westbound sections of the motorways. With widths of 59 metres and weights of up to 78 tonnes, the gantries are supersized indeed. To install the gantries properly, the crew need to make use of a crane with a capacity of 500-tonnes. Since they are so huge and unwieldy, installing these gantries would also require closing the motorways overnight.

According to the project manager from Highways England, Stephen Hill, the gantries, although big, are still lighter than the previous gantries that were removed. However, the gantries, as everyone can see, are still quite large and bulky, so they would have to be delivered to the sites in two sections or parts. Mr. Hill goes on to say that the use of a 150-tonne crane will also be required so the two separate sections can be joined together. Afterwards, the larger 500-tonne crane should then be able to lift the entire structure across the M62 and M60 motorways. In the M60 motorway, the gantries will be placed around Barton, Sale, and Eccles.

Once Highways England completes its smart motorways project near the end of 2017, there should already be about 200 message signs placed on various gantries that will warn motorists of speed limit changes, closures on lanes, and incidents or accidents ahead.




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Posted on 30 May 2016 in News

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