Investigation Shows Nearly 4000 Motorists Fined Per Day for Driving on Bus Lanes

In an investigation conducted by BBC England, it was found that an astonishing number of motorists and drivers are fined every single day for being on designated bus lanes. In the investigation, BBC England was able to get in touch with authorities across the country that are responsible for motorways and the installation and operation of cameras on numerous bus lanes. Out of the authorities, numbering 160 in total, 64 had cameras along bus lanes. 

Do car drivers drive in bus lanes consciously or by accident?

Do car drivers drive in bus lanes consciously or by accident?

These authorities have confirmed with BBC England that they received an estimated income of approximately £31 million for the period of 2015 to 2016 out of fines imposed on drivers for driving on designated bus lanes. As a matter of fact, the £31 million estimate still does not include amounts from councils which were not able to break down their numbers by individual lanes or cameras.

The most fined section in England 

It was also found that one bus lane in particular is the most ‘lucrative’ in all of England: a section of Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s John Dobson Street going north. Between the 23rd of February and the 31st of October in 2016, this section amassed an astonishing total of 62975 penalties, which has resulted in a fine of £1.5 million. Broken down even further, this means that the section makes £5960 just for bus lane driving fines every single day.

Criticism from the RAC 

The RAC, or Royal Automobile Club, is highly critical of these findings, however. According to Simon Williams, the RAC spokesman, the councils, rather than being ‘happy’ about the money they are making from the fines, should instead be asking why so many drivers and motorists are caught on the bus lanes. He adds that the local councils and authorities should be trying to understand whether motorists and drivers are consciously breaking the rules or whether they are doing so by accident – and why.

Simon Williams further adds that most drivers and motorists know about the various regulations regarding the use of bus lanes, and most of these motorists also understand and accept that these bus lanes are in place so that traffic can flow more quickly. Most motorists know very well that bus lanes are there in order to decrease congestion on the roads and help traffic move more freely and efficiently as well as to help the environment.

Mr. Williams reiterates that the RAC does not believe that motorists would deliberately choose to be on the bus lanes. In fact, the RAC believes that most motorists and drivers are either unaware of the road signs or confused by the road signs and then just suddenly find out that they are on a bus lane. According to the RAC, the cameras on bus lanes should be installed in a fair and clear manner so motorists aren’t unnecessarily punished.  

Posted on 24 Apr 2017 in News

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