KUBOTA’s Newest Crawler Dumper Exceeds Expectations in More Ways than One

Customer expectations have always resulted in better products and services, and this is also evident in the construction and building industry, where those who manufacture equipment and machinery are always primed to bring about better products and services according to their customers’ needs.

Innovation in the road construction industry with KUBOTA's latest crawler dumper

Innovation in the road construction industry with KUBOTA's latest crawler dumper

KUBOTA, one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the UK and around the world, has recently introduced its newest, most innovative product: the KC250HR-4, which is a crawler dumper that stands out for being one of the most compact and powerful in the market today.


The launching of the KUBOTA product as a response to consumer demand


Construction companies have long insisted on better machinery and equipment for any type of construction or building project. In response to this, KUBOTA has come up with its KC250HR-4. Not only is the KC250HR-4 compact yet powerful; it is also known for being able to transport a great amount of material in a very short period of time.

More on the KC250HR-4

Aside from its compact size and strength, the KC250HR-4 is an ideal partner to any operator, as it allows operators to deliver their loads quickly and more efficiently. For one, the KC250HR-4 is equipped with the ability to dump loads at an 84o angle. This means that the dumping of any load or waste can be done with ease and comfort. The machine is also equipped with a special rotary operation or function, which allows the operator to tip the equipment sideways at a 180-degree angle. This feature is particularly useful for a variety of tasks, but most especially for the filling of trenches.

This crawler dumper is also incorporated with a special diesel engine which can be cooled by water – making it more powerful and more cost-effective to operate as well. Furthermore, the KC250HR-4 is able to load a maximum capacity of up to 2,500 kilograms. Another distinction provided by the crawler dumper is its transmission system, which is equipped with two pumps, two motors, variable speeds, and a clutch-free transmission that offers smoother and better operator control. Operators can actually switch between different speeds without any trouble and with hardly any effort – from high (reaching as much as 11 kilometres per hour), which is perfect for flat roads and surfaces, to low (reaching around 6 kilometres per hour), which is ideal for rougher road surfaces and terrains.

Yet another outstanding feature of the crawler dumper is its swivel motor which runs on hydraulics, providing operators with an even better and faster rotation. Apart from this, the crawler dumper also features better stability on rougher, sloping terrain, so the operator’s ride is always smooth, not to mention safe.


Emphasis on the operator’s ease and comfort

The KC250HR-4 is also built with the comfort of the operator in mind. For one, it has a seat which is reversible and is able to turn up to 180 degrees. The operator also has easy accessibility to the various control levers of the machine, and benefits from better visibility through the machine’s dashboard as well.

With this newest crawler dumper from KUBOTA, any construction project can progress rapidly and with ease, allowing for enhanced productivity and better efficiency as well as improved comfort and safety.



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Posted on 27 Jul 2015 in Technology

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