Local Residents Weighing in on Plans for a Link Road for Better Access to Leeds Airport

Amongst the many national and international airports in Great Britain, perhaps one of the busiest is Leeds Bradford Airport in Yeadon. As a matter of fact, passenger traffic in the airport is expected to rise even further, from around 3.3 million airline passengers and travelers today to approximately 9 million in the year 2050. Air travel is still a popular mode of transport for many of us, especially since the cost of air travel has reduced as well, and budget airlines are more numerous than ever. 

Do Leeds City Council approve an entirely new roadway stretching from the A65 up to the A658 in the north?

Do Leeds City Council approve an entirely new roadway stretching from the A65 up to the A658 in the north?

Because of the predicted rise in passenger traffic in this particular airport, road network improvements have already been deemed necessary. And, aside from improvements to the roads, the construction of a rail link is also undergoing serious consideration.


Leeds City Council sets forth a few options for public approval

As a way of dealing with increased traffic from passengers, workers, and other travelers, Leeds City Council has put forth a number of options (three, in particular) for assessment by the local residents in the area. One of the options is the building and construction of an entirely new roadway stretching from the A65 up to the A658 in the north. The new roadway being proposed by Leeds City Council will run along the airport’s easternmost edge, eventually joining or intersecting with the A658 in the north. As you may have already guessed, this first option is seen as the most expensive one, primarily because of the overall construction and roadwork involved, and its cost is estimated at around £75 million.

The second option is that of building another new roadway following the same route from the A65, but this one will run between the towns of Rawdon and Horsforth. After Horsforth, the road will run on the airport’s southwestern side, before it once again joins with the A658. The projected cost for this second project option is approximately £50 million.

The third option, meanwhile, is simply to upgrade the current road from the A65 all the way to the A658, which runs around the towns of Yeadon and Rawdon to Leeds Bradford Airport. The upgrading of this road will also result in the improvement of junctions and additional road widening operations. Since no new roads will be built, the third option is deemed the least expensive or costly one, with an estimated cost of about £15 million.


Other considerations affecting the public’s decision

It is interesting to note that the first option set forth by Leeds City Council (the option for new roadways) would also involve building on specific ‘green belt’ land located in the north of Leeds. This fact may also weigh heavily on public opinion, but in the end, it is really for the public to decide what’s best for their area. The phase of public consultation organised by Leeds City Council is set to run until January 24th of 2016.



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Posted on 21 Dec 2015 in News

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