London Mayor Calls for Increased Measures for London Road Improvements

London’s mayor, Mr. Boris Johnson, has taken the spotlight once again by calling for new and improved measures for the betterment of the roads in the nation’s capital. The measures suggested by Mr. Johnson are notable as they include the addition of two tunnels running cross city from east to west.

Boris Johnson calls for better roads in London

Boris Johnson calls for better roads in London

The necessity of road improvements in the city of London

It has been said that London’s population is expected to grow to as much as 10 million by the year 2030. Today, the London population is numbered at 8.6 million – so that would be an astounding 1.4 million additional individuals walking around London’s streets and using London’s roads in less than 15 years. As such, Mr. Johnson, in conjunction with TfL, has found the need to suggest a number of different measures for improving London’s roads. These measures, as mentioned above, already include tunnels designed to combat and prevent congestion as well as incentives for the improvement of freight activities and movements in and around the city. It also includes proposals for imposing road use fees for Londoners.

The mayor may have every reason to come out with these proposals, because after all, he has already been able to create a road scheme for London amounting to £4 billion – said to be the biggest investment in London’s roads a single generation.

London’s transportation network also has an additional projected 1 million journeys added to it for every single day after five years. And since this is the case, Mr. Johnson has seen another reason to address road improvements. Otherwise, congestion in the city can increase by as much as 60 percent in London’s central area in the years succeeding the 2030, 25 percent in the inner areas of London, and 15 percent in the areas surrounding central and inner areas of London.  


The mayor’s proposals

As of 2015, Mr. Johnson already asked TfL to delve deeper into the effectiveness of new tunnel networks in order to reduce congestion. As of now, Mr. Johnson has already laid out plans for the option of building two new cross city tunnels running from east to west. TfL will carry out more feasibility studies in the near future, especially when it comes to these proposed tunnels. With the addition of these tunnels, the congestion in London (particularly in central London) may decrease by as much as 20 percent.

Additionally, some smaller ‘fly-unders’ (as opposed to flyovers) as well as tunnels in London are also being looked into which could see the building of roads located under the ground. This will then serve to ‘unlock’ surface land for more open spaces and residences. For instance, improvements to two particular roads, namely the A3 (Tolworth) and A13 (Barking), may result in more land for about 6000 new homes.

Posted on 04 Apr 2016 in News

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