London’s Public Spaces Set for Widespread Improvements with a Budget of £148 Million in the Coming Years

England’s busiest – and undoubtedly most popular – city, London, is about to receive £148 million for the improvement of transportation projects, Mr. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has confirmed, together with Transport for London (TfL). The funding will be distributed amongst the different boroughs during the years 2016-2017. It is also confirmed that the funding will be further allocated for projects that will make roads safer, improve pedestrian and cycling facilities, and develop public places in the great and historic city.

£148 million has been allocated to the improvement of transportation in London

£148 million has been allocated to the improvement of transportation in London

The funds and their allocations for London in 2016-2017

The funding for the improvements will be distributed to various places in London and its environs, including (but not limited to):

Westminster, £6.4 million – the West End, including Cambridge Circle and Villiers Street, is to receive a makeover; it was mentioned that at least £1 million is reserved for the improvement of the area’s public spaces and for the creation of better cycling routes as well.

Camden, £4.9 million – with the goal of delivering high quality public spaces and increasing the reliability of buses by making a series of improvements, a £2 million budget has been put aside. The whole project will also aim to transform the West End, which also includes Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street. 

Southwark, £4.1 million – the funding of £4.1 million will be used to improve the general area, but it also includes £820,000 which will be set aside for the development of safer routes for pedestrians and cyclists, especially in the Camberwell area.

Kensington and Chelsea, £2.1 million – the popular areas of Kensington and Chelsea will see improvements as well, most notably at the junction of Old Bromtom Road and Pelham Street. About £150,000 is set aside for the improvement of pedestrian traffic as well.

Islington, £2 million – some areas were ill-reputed in Islington because of having an uncommonly high accident rate, but at least £350,000 is reserved for the increase of road safety, especially at specific junctions. Other improvements in Islington include traffic calming measures and pedestrian crossings.

City of London, £1.4 million – this budget includes £200,000 for the widening of footpaths and cycle routes, as well as the improvement of public spaces in the city. The main goal is to make Bank Junction safer as well.


Safety and public transport: the primary concerns

Much of the funding for the project will be allocated to improving roads and to allow pedestrians and cyclists to travel the roads in a much safer (and easier) way. Many public spaces in London will also be transformed to give the public more pleasure and convenience, especially in terms of access to public transportation.

Though the funding will be distributed amongst many projects, most will involve the creation of safer roads, not only for vehicles, but also for pedestrians and cyclists.


The long term view

It’s not just a matter of making aesthetic improvements or ensuring the safety of all people on the road; Mayor Johnson also points out that it will affect the economy in the area and aims to help provide more jobs in the future. Improving the infrastructure will make transport more efficient, economical, and pragmatic, which makes economic sense for all concerned.

“This latest round of funding will help to transform scores of locations in all four corners of our great city. It is specifically targeted to help make our roads, town centres and open spaces more attractive places with better facilities for walking and safer cycling. By helping the boroughs deliver on important local transport schemes, we can help to spur jobs and growth across London.” The plans of Mayor Johnson have been met with wide approval across the boroughs.



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Posted on 29 Feb 2016 in News

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