Messe Munchen, the Trade Fair Organisers of Bauma 2016, Announce Full Booking for the Event

The Bauma Trade Fair and exhibition is known in the construction and building industry simply as the largest international trade fair by virtue of the use of available space. As such, the Bauma Fair attracts a good number of participants from all over the world, not just because of the space the fair consumes, but also because of the extent and number of highly-advanced and innovative construction machinery and equipment displayed at the event. At the Bauma Fair in April of next year (Bauma 2016 being the 31st edition), the latest advancements and innovations in construction machinery will be displayed – but not only this – the fair will also feature machines used for building material, mining machinery, special vehicles used for building and construction, and other important construction equipment.

The biggest construction exhibition in 2016

The biggest construction exhibition in 2016

Facts about Bauma 2013

The last Bauma Trade Fair, which was held in 2013, was notable for several factors: it set a plethora of new records, especially when it came to international trade fairs. In the 2013 Bauma Trade Fair, there was a total of 575,000 square metres of space for the exhibitions, along with 3,421 exhibitors who came from 57 countries around the world. There were also a little more than 535,000 visitors to the Bauma 2013 Trade Fair, from over 200 different countries. The 2013 Bauma Trade Fair was also distinctive for having more than 125,000 visitors from the mining industry as well as 1,475 media representatives and journalists.


Bauma 2016: endless possibilities for the construction machinery sector

But if the Bauma 2013 Trade Fair was spectacular, breaking new ground in and of itself, what can we expect from Bauma 2016? Bauma 2016 will be held in Munich from the 11th of April to the 17th of April 2016, and, even with the trade fair a little less than five months away, organisers have announced that the event is already fully booked. 


The organisers of the event have also announced that companies which are already on the Bauma waiting list but have still not been assigned any space can still be included in the directory of the trade fair, where these companies will be noted down under their individual product category. These companies’ representatives and guests will also have special access to a lounge, where they can set up appointments as well as hold conferences and meetings whilst at the Bauma fair.

The actual organisers of the Bauma Fair in 2016 are Messe Munchen, whose CEO, Klaus Dittrich, has stated that similar to the Bauma Fair in 2013, the upcoming 2016 Bauma Fair may not be able to satisfy everyone’s request or demand for space (or for an increase in their existing space). The reason for this is that the organisers would like to give other companies which they haven’t been able to accommodate or include in previous years the chance to participate and garner attention from other Bauma participants and attendees for their special products, as well as make and renew contacts and expand their networks in the coming fair.



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