New Road Linking the M6 to Heysham Set to be Completed this month

There is no doubt that the government has unveiled several schemes and programmes in the last year for the improvement of the country’s roads and networks, from major roadways to minor country roads. Some of these road projects are scheduled to be started and completed in the coming years, and we are all hoping for their speedy completion for the benefit of the communities and the motorists who will be making use of them. 

Creating the Bay Gateway linking Heysham and the M6 by October 2016

Creating the Bay Gateway linking Heysham and the M6 by October 2016

But there is one major road project that will actually be completed in the next few months – which is definitely welcome news for everyone concerned.


The road project between the M6 and Heysham: the Bay Gateway

The road project, which is operating on a budget of £130 million, is set to link the M6 with Heysham, and it is said to be completed by October. The road project is under the helm of Costain, and it is supposed to be linking the Heysham area with that of the M6 motorway. The road will be a direct link between the two areas, which will also provide easier access to other areas such as Morecambe and other industrial communities, which also include Heysham Port and the different power stations in the same area.

The details of the road project include constructing a dual carriageway measuring 4.8 kilometres stretching from Lancaster and Morecambe to the A589. This carriageway will also be linked to a newly-upgraded and refurbished junction 34 (located on the M6 motorway). Lancaster transport hubs will also be improved with the addition of a ‘Park and Ride’ feature and facility.


Aims and objectives                                                                                                               

The new road is aptly referred to as the Bay Gateway, and its aim is to make the different areas more economically appealing for new business investments. Because of the Bay Gateway, it will be easier to travel to and from Heysham and the other areas traversed by the road, and motorists will benefit from reduced times of travel and more connections to both the national and regional road networks. Additionally, the Bay Gateway is aimed at reducing congestion in these areas, which will, in turn, help residents and visitors in the areas get around more easily.

As of this writing, the Bay Gateway project is already about 90% finished. According to Richard Helme, the project manager, 12 major, important structures have already been completed, along with the first road layers and major earthworks. Now, all that is left to do is to complete the safety barriers, verges, fencing and lighting, footpaths, several side road networks, and bridleways. Richard Helme also states that other tasks left would be to take care of traffic on the road network so new road sections can be opened to the public and to plant new shrubs and trees.

Posted on 03 Oct 2016 in News

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