New Route for Crossing on the Lower Thames in the Works, along with Other Road Improvements

According to Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, there is now a ‘preferred crossing route’ for a new crossing on the Lower Thames, which will run from the M25 (located near the area of North Ockendon), cross the A13 (in Orsett), and then go under the Thames River at Tilbury’s east side and Gravesend. Then, a new road will link the traffic and motorists to the A2, specifically near Shorne, which is already close to the portion where the actual route transforms into the M2. 

A new route to cross the Lower Thames is announced

A new route to cross the Lower Thames is announced

In addition, according to Mr. Grayling, the new Thames crossing will be expected to accommodate as many as 4.5 million vehicles carrying heavy items and goods in its first year alone, and the government is hoping that the new crossing will also pave the way for the creation of over 6000 jobs as well as give the economy a boost by as much as (and even over) £8 billion.

The new Thames crossing route

The route for the new Lower Thames crossing was identified with the help of a little less than 50,000 respondents in regards to a consultation for a new crossing on the Lower Thames. According to the respondents, this new route is the ideal solution for the reduction of congestion and traffic at the crossing in Dartford.

Additionally, about £10 million of the budget for the crossing will also go to improving the flow of traffic in and around the current crossing. Part of this £10 million budget will also go to the study of ways through which the government can further deal with congestion. As part of the study, they are planning to conduct an investigation into other solutions and options that will prevent rat-running through the Thurrock and Dartford crossing.

Mr. Grayling, the Transport Secretary, adds that they are making major decisions for the good of Britain. He says that this new crossing on the Lower Thames as well as other road improvements set for Thurrock and Dartford will only serve to strengthen the nation’s economy as well as contribute to more jobs and sources of employment. 

Mr. Grayling continues to say that the £23 billion invested by the government into the road networks is already making an impact, especially with projects and schemes already underway and almost completed in different parts of the country. This includes, Mr. Grayling adds, the projects for the A556 (in Knutsford) as well as the junction along the M1 at Catthorpe. These schemes and projects prove, Mr. Grayling says, that the government is making crucial decisions, especially when it comes to road upgrades, and this, in turn, makes millions of motorists’ lives better.

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