New Study on M25’s Performance to be Opened by the Department for Transport

We all know that England is comprised of a network of roads and motorways, and perhaps one of the busiest is the M25, particularly the network between the major junctions of 10 – 16 along the busy motorway.

The performance of the M25 is soon to be reviewed

The performance of the M25 is soon to be reviewed

As part of its plan involving the improvement of roads in England, the Department for Transport, or DfT, has announced the launching of a new study that is set to find out the various ways by which the network of transport along the M25 can be enhanced and improved. With this new study, another goal has been made quite clear: to find out the best and most efficient way to harness further improvements which can help grow the economy between the years 2020 to 2025.


The studies commissioned by the Department for Transport

This study is by no means the only one commissioned by the Department for Transport – in fact, there are a total of six studies delving into strategies for road improvement and performance, and the first five studies are already in effect. In the words of Andrew Jones, Roads Minister: “We are making a £15 billion investment in our roads – the biggest in a generation – to deliver better journeys and put the infrastructure in place for our economy to grow.” Mr. Jones further states the Department’s long-term roads and infrastructure plan for the country, and this is why it is carrying out this strategic research and study in order to make the right decision regarding other improvements.

This particular section of the M25 will receive special attention as it is one of the busiest road networks and one of the most traveled sections as well. The study on the M25 will be handled by GL Hearn, Steer Davies Gleave, and WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff. The study will commence as soon as possible and is set to be completed by the latter part of 2016.

The other studies being undertaken as of the moment include studies on the A66 as well as A69 corridors and the tunnel which links Sheffield to Manchester (the Trans-Pennine Tunnel) and the M60 from the 8th to the 18th junctions, amongst others.


The case of the M25

In the study, it has been stated that the team in charge will be responsible for putting forth a case in order to see if more investments in this section of the M25 is worth it. In other words, the team will try to find out if more improvements for this area and road network will be profitable overall. Along with this, the study will focus on a selection of various options to make sure that the road networks along the area and its surroundings as well as the public transport in the area can make a difference when it comes to transport solutions for the long term.



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Posted on 18 Apr 2016 in News

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