New Study Reveals UK to have the Most Congested, Crowded Roads in Europe

In a recently concluded traffic study conducted in Europe, it was revealed that the UK has some of the most congested, crowded roads on the continent. Whilst this is hardly a surprise to road users in the United Kingdom, it’s still a cause for concern. 

The UKs roads are more conjested than anywhere in Europe

The UKs roads are more conjested than anywhere in Europe

In the study done by driving intelligence organisation Inrix, it was found that the United Kingdom has the most congested road networks in the whole of Europe. An evaluation was made of density in regards to traffic in a total of 123 big cities in Europe, and the result is that the UK was found to have 20,375 locations where traffic congestion is a major issue.


The classification of traffic congestion – and how the UK compares

The results for traffic congestion for the UK are a far cry from countries such as Germany, which had less than 10,000 areas where congestion is an issue. This is somewhat surprising considering that Germany actually has a higher population compared to the UK.

According to the research done by the organisation, the classification of a road traffic congestion spot is when a driver is forced to reduce their speed by as much as 65% on a section of the road for at least two minutes. The data for the study was gathered and collated with the use of GPS on-board systems as well as mobile phones in September of this year. In the study, traffic was further evaluated in cities that had populations ranging from 250,000 individuals and upwards. In the United Kingdom, a total of 21 areas or cities with more than 250,000 in population had 20,375 places where congestion was a big problem, compared with only 8,517 traffic spots in a total of 27 cities in Germany. The study also showed that in 12 cities in Italy, only 5,069 trouble spots were found, and in France, only 9 cities with 1,844 traffic congested spots were revealed. 16 cities in Spain were also studied and it was found that only 2,335 had significant traffic congestion spots.

The study also revealed that Europe’s most congested road section is the Autobahn (A7) in Hamburg. But in the UK, London’s M25 as well as Edinburgh’s A720 bypass were found to suffer from the most significant and frequent delays in traffic. This is particularly true for the M25, where 250,000 vehicles cross every single day, with the area located between two specific junctions – Junctions 15 – 16 – having the most repeated traffic delays for drivers.


The good news

There is some good news, however. The government of the United Kingdom has set forth plans to spend a total of £1.3 billion when it comes to road network improvements, with a total of £220 million allotted for the elimination of congestion in particular sections famous for traffic congestion and delays.

Posted on 16 Jan 2017 in News

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