New Survey Reveals High Discontentment with the Condition of UK Roads

There have been a good number of surveys carried out by various groups and organisations, including government organisations, on the many road networks and road projects we have in the UK. But there is one recent survey which has garnered particular attention, as it reveals plenty of discontent with the condition of the roads in the UK in general.

The steady decline of the UK's road conditions is annoying Britain's motorists a recent study reveals

The steady decline of the UK's road conditions is annoying Britain's motorists a recent study reveals

Yotta, a company specialising in technology and innovation, has recently conducted a survey which has shown extensive discontentment amongst the public for the state of the UK’s roads and other public road infrastructure. Survey participants revealed their disappointment and dissatisfaction, not only with roads and road-related infrastructure, but also their steady decline in the last five years.


Discontentment prevalent amongst survey respondents

In the survey conducted by Yotta, about 62 percent of motorists and road users were shown to believe that the general condition of UK roads is not satisfactory. In addition to this, about a quarter of the survey’s respondents – approximately 28 percent – also said that their own vehicles were affected or damaged due to these road issues and imperfections.

According to Yotta’s Marketing and International Business director, Mr. Simon Topp, the survey clearly shows the responsibility of the local councils and authorities to fulfill the needs of their residents and vehicle drivers and pedestrians. He states that road infrastructure needs to be properly maintained, especially in light of the revelations of the survey regarding the general public’s opinion. Mr. Topp goes on to say that, in a different vein, the announcement of Philip Hammond that Great Britain will go on funding infrastructure schemes and projects even after Brexit is widely appreciated.


Budget cuts: yay or nay?

The survey group was also asked by Yotta regarding their opinion about budget cuts in relation to road network spending. About 29 percent of the respondents said that they think certain budget reductions are necessary, although they also questioned the fact that it’s only the local road networks that have to be greatly affected by the cuts whilst major motorways and highways are not affected. About 26 percent of the respondents, however, stated that they think the budget cuts on local road networks are not acceptable in any way.

One interesting fact revealed by the survey is in regards to the respondents’ feelings towards the single most important improvement local councils could do that would have a positive impact on their road experience and even their ‘quality of life.’ 55 percent of respondents answered that the best improvement these councils could make would be to fill in the potholes in local areas.

All in all, the survey shows that the standard view is that road upkeep and maintenance has become worse, and without the government taking the necessary steps, roads will show more deterioration over time.

Posted on 24 Oct 2016 in News

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