New Technology Featured at World of Asphalt Exhibition in US

The US state of Maryland, specifically the city of Baltimore, recently played host to the 2015 World of Asphalt conference and exhibition. The event was able to attract about 450 notable exhibitors and companies, and it was organised by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, or AEM.

New technologies revealed at the 2015 World of Asphalt conference and exhibition in Maryland USA

New technologies revealed at the 2015 World of Asphalt conference and exhibition in Maryland USA

But what is really noteworthy about this event is the fact that it featured a host of new technologies from some of the strongest equipment manufacturers in the US and beyond. Below are just some of the prominent machinery and equipment launched and featured in the conference:

Machinery from Caterpillar

Caterpillar is already an established leader in the paving and building industry, but there is renewed focus on the brand for the launching of its latest product, the AP600 asphalt paver. This product is notable for its new controls, screeds, and even its own integrated generator. Along with this, the AP600 features a diesel engine which meets the standards set for Tier 4 emissions. Another unique distinction of the machine is its faster heating-up time. As a matter of fact, the generator of the AP600 is able to heat the screed up to 132o Celsius in a mere 15 minutes.

Machinery from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco launched two new pieces of equipment under its Dynapac subsidiary: the F1000T highway paver, and a new compaction system which can monitor both mat temperature and pass count. The F1000T paver has been expressly designed to handle a higher mat width (up to almost 8 metres), and it also features a lower deck height which promotes easier transport and better visibility for areas such as the hopper and augers.

Machinery from Haver & Tyler, formerly W.S. Tyler

Another piece of equipment that received rave reviews in the recent World of Asphalt conference is Haver & Tyler’s hydrocleaner. Formerly known as W.S. Tyler in the US, the company has rebranded itself as Haver & Tyler in the United States to accentuate its broad array of solutions for the asphalt paving, construction, and building industries.

The hydrocleaner developed by Haver & Tyler is expressly built for the washing of aggregates, and it consists of a drum which is lined and covered with polythene, and it is also distinguished by its use of turbulence for effectively cleaning aggregates. There are currently two versions of the machine available, one capable of handling 180 tonnes per hour, and another capable of handling 360 tonnes per hour.

A better waterproofing system from Zydex

Zydex Industries has also introduced a new technology which allows for better road construction through better and more enhanced waterproofing for the substructures on the road. Through this technology, roads can become less susceptible to extreme weather changes and conditions.

Other major players in the industry launched a variety of machinery and equipment at the World of Asphalt conference and exhibition, such as McCloskey’s J45 crusher, Roadtec’s latest telematics machinery and system, and Volvo CE’s newly-developed system for real-time calculations for the density of asphalt for compaction.

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Posted on 31 May 2015 in Technology

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