New, Waterproof Sealant for Concrete Developed by Researchers from the US’ Purdue University

With all the advancements that are coming forth, perhaps none is as relevant to the paving and construction industry as a new type of concrete sealant, what with the many paving and construction projects going on today. Purdue University researchers from the United States have recently come up with a new type of sealant for concrete which is notable for its hydrophobic qualities.

A new sealant which helps to protect concrete from damage

A new sealant which helps to protect concrete from damage

As we all know, water can damage concrete surfaces, especially over a period of time. But thanks to these researchers from Purdue University, water should no longer be such an issue. With this hydrophobic concrete sealant, fluids can be prevented from entering the pores of concrete surfaces, therefore resulting in less damage over time.


More on the ‘Fluid iSoylator’

Environmental Concrete Products, the company created as a spin off by the Purdue University researchers, have created a product known as ‘Fluid iSoylator,’ which can be used for the enhanced protection of new as well as existing concrete surfaces.

The name of the product actually says something about its components, which consists of soybean oil, hence the term ‘iSoylator.’ The product can be absorbed by the network of pores of dry concrete, which then creates a barrier that prevents fluids like water from entering the concrete’s surface. But apart from protecting concrete surfaces from rain and other elements, the product, since it mainly comes from soybean oil, is also quite safe when it comes to handling and application. The different properties of the product also make it ideal for other prospective uses in the future, such as a sealant for paint.


The difference between the Fluid iSoylator and traditional sealants

The main difference between this product and other, traditional sealants is the fact that traditional sealants are known for creating a sort of ‘surface film’ on concrete, which arises through a complex chemical reaction with different components or a reaction with oxygen. Although traditional sealants may work well in ideal and optimum conditions, when the condition is less-than-perfect, this surface film can become damaged. In fact, even such simple factors as a heavy flow of traffic or various abrasions can already damage the film. Once the film has been damaged, fluids can easily enter the affected area. And, since the film also prevents evaporation, the fluids remain, potentially resulting in a frozen concrete surface.

The Fluid iSoylator, however, is different, because as soon as it enters the pores of the concrete, it will remain as a liquid, despite abrasions or heavy traffic. The pores of the concrete become filled with the product which would then prevent other fluids, such as water, from entering the concrete. 

Environmental Concrete Products is now working in conjunction with partners for the full manufacturing of the product and looking for ways to reduce the cost of production.




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Posted on 13 Jun 2016 in Technology

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