Newly-Built Section of the A556 between Knutsford and Bowdon Connected on the 30th of August

Obviously, the many road projects and schemes undertaken by the government for this year (and the coming years) have a great degree of importance, especially for road users and local city councils. But one particular project that a lot of road users have been looking forward to is the project connecting the A556 in Knutsford to the dual carriageway in Bowdon. More precisely, this project extends between the M6 to the M56 located in Cheshire.

Connecting the A556 in Knutsford to the dual carriageway in Bowdon

Connecting the A556 in Knutsford to the dual carriageway in Bowdon

The project is now finished, and the connection between the two areas has already been opened. The new road network forms an integral link between the M6’s junction 19 (located in Knutsford) to the M56’s junction 7, located in Bowdon. Many residents and road users have long been waiting for the project’s completion, as those involved in the project (Highways England, in particular) have been releasing aerial photos for some period of time, promoting more enthusiasm for the project’s progress and ultimate completion. 


Additional work

There was one catch, however. Since the project’s workers needed to keep some existing road networks open and these road networks cross the new carriageway’s route whilst it was being constructed, the road still had to be completely connected from one end to the other. The good news, though, is that work has already been done to move these road networks to bridges located over the newly-finished road network.

The road networks along the A50 from areas such as Mere and Chapel Lane (from the area of Bucklow Hill up to Millington Lane) are the ones that previously ran through the new section of the A556, with the result that the new road had to be excavated on the route’s sides. As a solution, these roads have now been re-arranged, aligned and moved to some bridges (also newly-constructed) which cross the new carriageway. The work on this section of the A50 was supposed to be completed by the 30th of August after a whole weekend of closures which were done overnight.


More on the road re-alignments for the area

A project manager for Highways England, Paul Hampson, adds that they have made a good effort of keeping the roads which cross the new section of the A556 open. As part of their efforts, they have constructed new bridges, which have the distinction of being parallel in location to the A50, Millington Lane, and Chapel Lane. With this, all Highways England had to do was re-arrange and align the roads when the proper time came.

With the work being finished, Highways England can now also begin connecting the various sections of the newly-built areas of the A556 and re-arrange and align the A50 to go over a newly-built bridge without too much hassle or fuss.

Posted on 26 Sep 2016 in News

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