Newly-Updated Programme for Safer Junctions for London Reveal 73 of the Worst Road Junctions

The Walking and Cycling Commissioner of London, Will Norman, recently announced 73 of the worst and most dangerous road junctions in London as he also unveiled a new and improved approach to the delivery of road improvements for cyclists and pedestrians in the area. 

Identifying and improving the worst road/cycling junctions in London

Identifying and improving the worst road/cycling junctions in London

According to TfL (Transport for London), the new data is based on three years’ worth of figures for casualties and accidents on the road networks, resulting in the identification of the junctions with the poorest records when it comes to safety. Additionally, TfL says, the data and analysis will now be done every year in order to become part of the new and improved approach by the government, which will hopefully see the continuous monitoring of work and the junctions with the greatest number of accidents prioritised. 

The details on the 73 worst junctions 

The 73 worst junctions are now being assessed and studied in detail in order to determine what needs to be done in order to make them less prone to incidents. The existing list of junctions includes those which have had some recent work done, those which already have work projects planned for them in the near future, and those which need further studies on safety.

TfL adds that about 21 of these worst junctions have already undergone some important improvements in the past three years. The 21 road junctions will now be closely monitored so the government can ensure that the level of casualties will greatly decrease and lessons can be learnt for future improvements on design and construction.

What needs to be done 

Another 33 of the 73 junctions already have some planned improvements in line with the business plan of TfL. Amongst the 33 are included Waterloo IMAX and Lambeth Bridge (North). Plans for the design of other junctions, such as Highbury Corner and the Jamaica Road, Lower Road, and Rotherhithe Tunnel, are also underway.

The 19 remaining junctions will have to go through further studies on safety in order for TfL to figure out possible improvements and solutions for the safety of those junctions. Amongst these 19 road junctions are included Union Road and Clapham Road, Parkhurst Road and Holloway Road, and Park Lane and Hyde Park Corner. 
According to Will Norman, the Walking and Cycling Commissioner, it’s crucial to target the worst road junctions in London in order to properly improve the road networks for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as motorists. Mr. Norman adds that this is the reason why he asked Transport for London to identify the worst road junctions so that they can analyse them in more detail and make sure they are doing everything they can to make these junctions safer. 

Posted on 08 May 2017 in News

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