North to South Highway Project for Cyclists Receives Go Signal from TfL and London’s Mayor

In a consultation between various respondents, TfL (Transport for London), and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, it was confirmed that the proposed project for a new North to South Superhighway for cyclists has been approved. In fact, the proposal has received enthusiastic approval from all fronts, including about 70% of the project’s respondents.

Positive news for cyclists, the North to South Superhighway for cyclists has been approved!

Positive news for cyclists, the North to South Superhighway for cyclists has been approved!

Details on the superhighway

This new ‘superhighway’, also aptly termed ‘Cycle Superhighway 6’ or ‘CS6’, is set to provide a direct as well as safe road or route for the many cyclists who regularly traverse the centre of London from Elephant and Castle all the way to King’s Cross. The highway will extend for a total of five kilometres, with various routes going through either the back roads or streets or going through main roads yet completely separated from car traffic. The northern part of the highway is aimed to connect with another proposed project, the ‘Quietway 2’, as well as grid routes for the centre of London. This way, cyclists can ride safely to various areas such as Hackney, Camden, Swiss Cottage, and Walthamstow, among others. Thanks to the cycle highway, the city will be fully opened up to cycling.

The respondents of the project include local stakeholders and local residents, who voiced certain concerns over the project. In response to those concerns, TfL has made some changes to the original scheme. As a result, a new and more detailed plan and design is in the works and will be proposed to both the Islington and Camden Councils. Once approved by the councils, construction on the highway will start in the spring of 2017.


London Mayor talks about the benefits of the superhighway

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is enthusiastic about the project as well. He says that Londoners should be able to cycle safely and easily, and this highway will offer important benefits to everyone’s health. He adds that making an activity such as cycling a part of the everyday lives of individuals will also serve to ‘clean up’ the toxic atmosphere of London.

The Mayor further states that this North to South Cycle Highway extension is going to make a vast difference in connecting both existing and proposed safe cycling routes in those particular London areas as well as transform the image of cycling, making it a safer and even more practical alternative for many more individuals living and residing in London.

According to the Mayor, they are resolute in learning all they can about the lessons from prior cycle highway schemes and have also listened closely to the respondents. As such, they are planning to incorporate wider and larger pavements as well as additional points for crossing so pedestrians can also benefit from the scheme.

Posted on 17 Oct 2016 in News

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