Northern Powerhouse Project Moving at a Rapid Pace with a Personal Visit from the Roads Minister

Highways England has unveiled a number of projects this year and for the coming years, all aimed at improving the highways and road networks of England.

Northern road construction project receives visit from the Roads Minister

Northern road construction project receives visit from the Roads Minister

Perhaps one of its most ambitious projects yet is the Northern Powerhouse project, with various sub-projects, big and small, geared towards improving and enhancing the roadways in England’s northern areas.


The projects have the full support of the government, as evidenced by Mr. Andrew Jones’ (the Roads Minister himself) visit to the north east in order to see how the projects and various improvements (particularly to the A1) are getting on.


The Northern Powerhouse: all set for full government support

As those in the know will tell you, the government has unveiled a £13-billion blueprint for transport investment that includes the creation of the Northern Powerhouse. It is perhaps due to this significant investment that Mr. Jones has made a personal visit to see how things are progressing at the A1, particularly from Coal House all the way to Metro Centre. This area has already rung in a good £60 million worth of improvements, and when it is set to be finished in 2016, the result will be as much as 4 miles of the road network A1 widened to become three lanes, which aims at improving traffic congestion in one of England’s busiest and most traversed roads.


Mr. Jones has also visited part of the A1 in areas like Northumberland in order to view the progress of an additional £290-million investment that aims to provide extra capacity, resulting in (for the very first time) a dual or double carriageway all the way from London to the far reaches of Ellingham, which is located 34 miles to the north of the area of Newcastle. The Northern Powerhouse is part of a government commitment to provide a healthier, more balanced economy to the north of England.


The Roads Minister’s promise

Mr. Jones has pointed out that previous governments have not been able to invest the necessary sums for transport improvement. He further stated that in many parts of England, systems are only at capacity. This is why there is now a focus on the north east, which is scheduled to benefit from about 26 programmes that have a total cost of £3 billion.

Additionally, Mr. Jones said that the government either builds the infrastructure England needs, or let the transport system put a halt to opportunity and growth. The present government, he adds, has chosen (wisely) to invest in the future – and this means programmes that benefit the A1 in the north as well as other schemes and projects for England’s major motorways.


The government’s plan – which is estimated to cost about £15 billion in total - is to increase and strengthen the capacity as well as condition of the roads and motorways of England. Under the government’s plan, Highways England will not only aim to widen and improve parts of the A1 in the north – it also has other projects in line, including the upgrading of the junction between A19 and A1058 Coast Road (a budget of £100 million), the improvement of the junction between the A19 and Testos, the project which aims to widen the A19 (Norton) to Wynyard, and the technology enhancements for both the technology of the A19 and the A1 (with a budget of approximately £140 million).



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Posted on 28 Sep 2015 in News

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