Opening of a Phase of the M8 Announced - Earlier than Expected Opening Schedule

Keith Brown, the Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs, and Fair Work for Scotland, has recently announced that the opening of a new portion of the M8 was on the 23rd of April. This announcement comes as a good surprise, since the portion was not set to open until Friday the 28th of April. This means that the opening of this portion of the M8 was actually five days earlier than scheduled.

Celebrating the early opening of a new portion of the M8

Celebrating the early opening of a new portion of the M8

According to Mr. Brown, the opening of this phase of the M8 will be a completion of what is referred to as the missing link – a specific area between Edinburgh and Glasgow – and it will also upgrade and improve the M8, making for an uninterrupted and continuous motorway.

A new road motorists can use 

The westbound portion of the new carriageway will be opened to motorists and traffic on the 23rd of April, and this will also be closely followed by the opening of the eastbound portion of the carriageway, which is scheduled after seven days (on the 30th of April, a Sunday as well).

Mr. Brown announced the opening of this phase of the M8 running from Newhouse up to Baillieston whilst on a visit to the site. He also added that this new portion of the M8 is seen as a significant milestone making up a big infrastructure project for transport. Mr. Brown adds that he is well-pleased to announce that the opening is actually five days ahead of the expected schedule. According to Mr. Brown, they are now very close to the complete culmination of a long three years of work on building and construction, along with about £500 million worth of road project investment with the aim of improving this essential link between the biggest and busiest of Scotland’s cities.

A big difference 

Mr. Brown further states that this particular investment will indeed make a vast and concrete difference to the area’s (and the country’s) economy, as it not only opens up new business connectivity and links between businesses, but it also reduces travel times for motorists and users of the road who depend on this particular route as a part of their regular commute.
A project manager for Transport Scotland in charge of the M8, M73, and M74 motorway improvements, Graeme Reid, adds that whilst the complete benefits and advantages of the new and improved M8 will not be fully seen until all the junctions and roads are completed, commuters taking the road from Edinburgh to Glasgow and vice versa should already be able to experience a more convenient, faster, and safer journey between the interchanges of Newhouse as well as Baillieston.

Posted on 22 May 2017 in News

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