Osborne Set to Undertake Major Work for New Carriageway in Liverpool

Late January of this year, it was announced that Osborne was awarded a contract totaling £18 million for a new dual carriageway to be built on the A565. The contract, which has been awarded to Osborne by the City Council of Liverpool, is expected to widen a significant stretch of the A565 thoroughfare, specifically along Great Howard Street and Derby Road.

Osborne is expected to begin the work in April of this year. The project is also in relation to a drive for regeneration through the upgrading of the route that deals with traffic along Sefton going towards Liverpool right along the northern-most docks of the city.

The City Council’s plans 

The project awarded to Osborne is expected to be finished by the spring of 2019, and it forms part and parcel of the City Council of Liverpool’s plans and programme for Better Roads with a total budget of £250 million. Under this specific programme, Liverpool’s road network infrastructure should be greatly improved, and the programme is also expected to complement the development and creation of a new link road along the waterfront (which has a total cost of £20 million) in order to link the road to the A565’s end in the centre of the city.

Osborne’s infrastructure managing director, John Dowsett, further expounds on the project and contract. He says that the awarding of this contract to Osborne is a highly-significant factor in Osborne’s overall business strategy, especially as Osborne continues to focus on opportunities with local authorities and departments which are innovative and forward-thinking. Mr. Dowsett adds that Osborne will gladly work with local authorities which recognise the value and importance of a distinctly collaborative and mutual approach with suppliers and partners, as is the case with the City Council of Liverpool.

The Sefton Council is all praise 

One of the Sefton Council’s representatives under the Liverpool City Council, Counselor John Fairclough, adds that the project is just the beginning of some exciting times ahead for the city, and it will undoubtedly enhance the efficiency of the main travel route from south Sefton to Liverpool and vice versa. This is especially since the dual carriageway, as mentioned, will vastly improve the travel route between Liverpool and Sefton. He adds that the stretch of the road set to undergo major refurbishment is always a busy area, and its development into a dual carriageway will lead to better and more convenient access into and out of the area of Sefton for a great number of vehicles.   
Osborne is well-versed in different kinds of road projects, and one of its most significant projects in recent years is the building and upgrading of a total of 17 paths for cycling along the East of the country, including parts of the A120, A12, A5, and A47. 

Posted on 15 Feb 2017 in News

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