Parts of the M27 and M3 Geared to become Major Smart Motorways

Smart motorways have already become the latest trend – and reality – in several areas in Western Europe, and they have proven their merit when it comes to providing motorists with a safer, more efficient, and more convenient way to travel. And in its bid to focus on important road works and improvements around England, Highways England has announced another major project: a smart motorway conversion project for stretches of the M27 and the M3.

The latest smart motorway conversion project - stretches of the M27 and the M3

The latest smart motorway conversion project - stretches of the M27 and the M3

According to Highways England, it has appointed MMS JV (the Mott MacDonald Sweco Joint Venture) to develop and construct the overall elements of design of a total of two major ‘smart’ motorways, which are to be between the 4th to 11th junctions of the M27 as well as the 9th to 14th junctions of the M3. 

What’s to expected for the smart motorway on the M27 and the M3 

The Mott MacDonald Sweco Joint Venture will be designing a wide range of technological solutions for the two areas, and this will include CCTV systems, message signals and signs, a system for detecting vehicles, and cameras that enforce vehicles to follow a compulsory speed limit. Another firm, WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff, is supposed to provide additional support for the project, especially when it comes to delivery. The project, according to its planners, will take about five years until it is fully completed.

MMS JV welcomes the appointment 

The contract director for MMS JV, John Owens, is understandably excited about and delighted to be appointed for the project. Mr. Owens has stated that the firm is happy to have been chosen by Highways England to develop and deliver this important segment of its plan for smart motorways in England as part of its framework for collaborative delivery. Mr. Owens adds that the awarding of this important phase is proof of their (MMS JV’s) transportation department’s expertise as well as the quality of their service.

MMS JV was formed in the year 2010, and it brought together the expertise and experience of two companies: Mott MacDonald and Sweco. The two firms have already been able to amass years of experience when it comes to important programmes for infrastructure, so this merger is seen as a crucial partnership. MMS JV has been a continuous source of support to Highways England, particularly with a number of schemes for road improvement, as it is an avid supporter of Highways England’s programmes for collaborative delivery which allow different firms and the government to work together to bring about significant road change and improvements. MMS JV is also working with Transport Scotland in regards to its agreement for a multiple framework for transportation and engineering consultancy. 

Posted on 27 Mar 2017 in News

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