Pavemac Signs Exclusive Distributor Deal with Sumitomo Japan

As of this writing, Pavemac has some good news to impart: it has recently signed an exclusive deal with Sumitomo Japan to become the sole and primary distributor of select Sumitomo asphalt pavers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Pavemac bring Japan's Sumitomo to the UK and Ireland

Pavemac bring Japan's Sumitomo to the UK and Ireland

As part of the deal with Sumitomo, Pavemac is set to be the exclusive distributor of the Sumitomo HA60C and the Sumitomo HA60W. Pavemac has a long history of service to its many customers, and this Wimblington, Cambridgeshire-based company has already earned rights of distribution for other premiere products from manufacturers such as Ammann and Antec for more than 9 years.


How the deal came about

The deal with Sumitomo came about in quite a simple way: Pavemac recognised that there was a demand for wider motorways and roads in England, thanks to the collection of various feedback from customers as well as an increase in projects for road widening. As such, Pavemac began scouring the market and the industry for asphalt pavers which could carry out bigger projects as well as provide larger screed widths.

Sumitomo’s HA60C and HA60W asphalt pavers are built for such a purpose indeed. Compared to the other available asphalt pavers today, which can be distinguished by having a hopper that is capable of holding 13 tonnes’ worth of material, Sumitomo’s special HA60C and HA60W asphalt pavers have a feature that is truly unique: a variable screed system that can automatically extend from a range of 2.3 metres to up to 6 metres in width. This special feature revolutionises the asphalt paving industry as there is no longer any need for bolt-on extension boxes, which are not only bulky and cumbersome, but takes plenty of time to attach and use as well.


Other distinctions of Sumitomo’s HA60W and HA60C pavers

The pavers have other distinctions yet: they feature a compact hopper, screed, and roof, which can also close down to a maximum width of only 2.3 metres. This results in easier transport as it also eliminates the need for a movement order when a machine is being moved with fitted extension boxes.

Apart from the above-mentioned distinctions, the HA60C and HA60W are comprised of hard-wearing, tough parts made expressly from Sumisteel (which also contributes to their longer lifespan), and the pavers are also compact and sleek, therefore making for easier delivery and transport as well.

Mr. Les Blaker, of Drivepoint Construction Ltd., is more than satisfied with his purchase: “The main contributing factor for this purchase was the fact that Pavemac Ltd were selling the new machine and I knew I could rely upon Pavemac Ltd for their after-care service.” Mr. Blaker goes on to say that “the 6-metre screed width has made a huge difference to the time taken to lay the tarmac, with the quality of the finish being of a higher standard than I have been used to.” 


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Posted on 15 Nov 2015 in News

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