Paving Company in Maryland, USA, Benefits from Custom-Fit, More Efficient Risers

A contractor in Maryland, USA, which has been in operation from 1908, has long been known for its innovative and highly-advanced solutions when it comes to keeping Maryland’s roads in tip-top shape. Gray & Son, Inc. is one of the state’s biggest contractors when it comes to paving projects, and it seems to have established itself quite firmly in the state’s paving and building sectors.

Innovation and advanced solutions help a US road construction company

Innovation and advanced solutions help a US road construction company

But according to Wayne Walsh, the firm’s administrative superintendent, there is one reason (amongst many) why their company has managed to stay on top. And this is with the use of advanced solutions such as pivoted manhole risers.


A riser that won’t let you down

In fact, Gray & Son, Inc. has been using these types of risers since as far back as 1998. During that same year, the company was using two types of risers when it was raising the manholes to the desired grade after paving. At that time, the company sometimes used cast-iron risers (which still needed to be welded with tacks), or another type of riser, also made from cast-iron, which was supposedly adjustable but often tended to pop out of the ground.

This is when the company discovered AHP (American Highway Products) pivoted manhole risers, which clearly trumped the ones they were using at the time. These risers were made from galvanised steel, making them not only durable, but lightweight as well. Additionally, the risers from AHP featured turnbuckles with pivots, making these risers very easy to adjust with the mere use of a screwdriver. The turnbuckle could also be expanded to over an inch, so they were set more securely in their frames.  The installation of the risers only took about five minutes, and, more than this, they could also be ordered in exact custom or bespoke sizes.


Custom-made risers keep the project up to par

Gray & Son Inc. appreciated this last feature most of all because the risers they regularly used were available in half-an-inch increments, which was often an issue. But in order to make their clients happy, Gray & Son Inc. needed to show a very good driving or riding quality on all its paving jobs or projects. If a manhole was not up to standard, this could easily make a negative impact on driving or riding quality. If a manhole does not precisely fit the lift or grade, there will often be potholes or bumps. A precisely-sized manhole was indeed a very useful product to have. What Gray & Son Inc. does now, actually, is measure the current manhole lid after the setting of the string lines. They then order the risers in the exact thickness they need for a perfect match.



Posted on 25 Jul 2016 in Technology

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