Plans for the Cycle Superhighway 11 Urged on by Mayor Sadiq Khan of London

Cycling has definitely become more than a pastime for many individuals today, especially with increased emphasis on healthy living and enhanced environmental consciousness. In London, there are many areas devoted to cycling enthusiasts, but according to London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, this isn’t enough. The Mayor is urging on the planning of a new project, the Cycle Superhighway 11, which is set to link the area of Swiss Cottage with the West End.

Plans emerge for the Cycle Superhighway 11 in London to link Swiss Cottage with the West End

Plans emerge for the Cycle Superhighway 11 in London to link Swiss Cottage with the West End

According to TfL (Transport for London), 60 percent of the individuals responding to its consultation report are in favour of the new route for cycling. Cycle Superhighway 11 will serve as a major link between the Central London area or grid and other major routes for cycling in London. The plans for Cycle Superhighway 11 were developed in close partnership and collaboration with several different boroughs of London, including Camden, The Royal Parks, and the City Council of Westminster. TfL states that the proposed modifications and adjustments to various junctions and road layouts will serve to make the roads safer – not only for cyclists, but also for pedestrians. These changes are also set to encourage increased physical travel and activity for individuals who live, work, or pass through these areas.


The Mayor of London’s full support

London’s new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has shown his full support for the project. Mr. Khan states that when cycling is made easier as well as safer, it benefits everyone. The role played by Cycle Superhighway 11 is an important one – it will not only improve the quality of London’s ‘toxic’ air, but it will also play a big role in improving the health of those living and working in London. Mr. Khan adds that with the new highway, thousands of individuals will become more comfortable taking up cycling, and it will also serve to link the different routes for cycling in the centre of London to London’s North West, including Camden. Through the highway, cycling can become a more integral part of local residents’ daily lives.

Mr. Khan continues that he is “determined to learn the lessons from previous cycle superhighway schemes and I’ve asked TfL (Transport for London) to continue to work closely with the local councils and stakeholders to ensure we minimise any disruption to motorists and other road users both during the construction of the scheme and after it’s completed.”  Minimising the disruption caused by the construction of the Cycle Superhighway would include making sure that the changes around areas like Swiss Cottage would benefit drivers who make use of the junction daily. With junction improvements along the route, the area will also be a lot safer for road users such as pedestrians. Mr. Khan also specifies a commitment to continue to work as closely as possible with local residents as the project progresses.

Posted on 22 Aug 2016 in News

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